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Tamara - posted on 09/22/2011




with my daughter I used any type of bottle but I switched all the nipples out that came with them for orthodonic ones. I chose to do this before I gave birth and when she went to her first pediatrician visit I asked him what kind he suggested and showed him the kind I was using and he said that those were the nipples he recommended to parents.

Brandi - posted on 05/15/2011




We used the Dr. Brown's bottles with both of our kids and were very happy with them. The only thing about these is that there are several parts that need to be cleaned as opposed to other bottles that are simpler to wash. Just get a few different ones and try them out.

Ashley - posted on 04/07/2011




My mom bought me a bunch of glass Avent bottles - since they help reduce gas and colic. I like the idea of the glass bottle - except I am pretty sure they will be too heavy for him to hold on his own when he first starts holding his own bottle. My sister used the glass ones until her son kids were old enough to start holding their bottles. Then, she switch to the plastic. However, she said that the plastic ones leaked really bad - unlike the glass ones. Another plus, is that they fit on the Medela breast pumps, if you are going that route.

I do also have some Dr. Brown's in case my little man doesn't like the Avent bottles. I am hoping that he is one of those babies that doesn't care which kind of bottle he is given. My younger sister used them and loved them! They were the only bottles my nephew would take. There are more pieces to wash with the Dr. Brown's, but I don't think it is a big deal.

Kristy - posted on 07/29/2010




I use the Playtex VentAire as well. I prefered these because they are suppose to be better for the baby by reducing ear aches and reducing spit-up. My son had a problem with spit-up and I felt these would of helped. He spits up still, but not as much as he use to (which was like half his feeding when he was newborn). The only disadvantage with these are that bottle warmers do not work well with them because of the way the bottoms are made. We just stopped using the warmer and used room temp bottled water.

Tawny - posted on 07/20/2010




Lori N is right! Some newborns are finiky with what bottles they'll take while others seem to have no issues what so ever! If you're planning to bottle feed only than you should have a relitivly easy time but if you're going to go between breast/bottle i'd recommend "The First Years Breastflow Nipples". You can find them online at babies r us. They mimic the actual breast flow! Very handy!

Lori - posted on 06/25/2010




You will probably need to test a couple of bottles to make sure you are using the right one for your baby just make sure they are BPA FREE.

Marisa - posted on 05/10/2010




it depends on the baby. I used Playtex vent aire they worked wonderful! just try a few till you find the right one

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