Fit, Fabulous and Over 40

This is for Moms who are over 40 and trying to stay fit, or to get fit. Being over 40, it is more difficult to lose the "muffin top", you get aches or pains for no reason, you loose energy, etc. Let's share some ideas on what to do to stay healthy and fit, and share some experiences that worked for you! In order to keep the healthcare cost down, I think we all need to be conscious about our own health. In order to stay healthy as long as you can, you need to start something now!


How's your workout routine going?

I haven't been on here in a while. I was wondering how everyone's workout routines are going. I'm doing great with my M-W-F mornings, but I haven't done much beyond that. I...


Added a Bodybugg to my plan

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I finally got that Bodybugg that I was talking about so long ago. I have still been working out 4-5 day's a week and made it...



I am 44 years old and feeling better than when I was 41. I had this pain on my leg for several years, and have done many things trying to get better. I have gone to...