Running when pregnant?

Michelle - posted on 01/30/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi there! I'm 22wks prego w/ kid #2, and was wondering if any of you kept up your running? This pregnancy I feel so much bigger (earlier) and more awkward... its even a little sore in my low abdomen when I tried running (less than a half mile). But sometimes I still feel really in the mood to run! Any of you have luck w/ running? Is it normal to feel some tightening in your belly when running? Kinda like your muscles are all working so you get some overflow into abdomen muscles too?? Should probbly ask my midwife, but wanted your opinions too! : ) Thanks, and happy working out!!


Kellie - posted on 01/31/2011




I ran until I was about 6 months pregnant and then had to go to walking on an incline. I was just too big and it was really heavy. I wore one of those belt things that helps to support your belly and it helped. I don't remember if I felt tight in my belly, it was over 4 years ago when I had my last baby. Just talk to your midwife and if everything is going well with your pregnancy and it's not uncomfortable then you can continue. Exercise is good for both mom and baby. :)

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