Can eating organically help you lose weight?

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We’ve always been told that there is no secret to losing weight. If you reduce your calorie intake, you’ll lose weight, right? True IF YOU ARE EATING ORGANICALLY!

Your body will function more efficiently if you ingest only natural nutrients that exclude harmful chemicals. Natural Organic foods are digested quickly because your body doesn’t have to deal with harmful chemicals. As your metabolism increases, weight lose is more likely. You will have the energy you need to burn more calories. Recent studies have found that those who consume organic foods sleep better. Sleep loss affects the body’s secretion of cortisol. This hormone regulates the appetite. When you get enough sleep, you’ll be more likely to exercise and you’ll feel less hungry.

The key advantage of eating organically is having the peace of mind that the food you’re preparing for your family is pure, no artificial flavors or colors, no hydrogenated fats, and no sweeteners or preservatives. Organic foods can be more nutritious and tasty. They are richer in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids than non-organic foods.

Organically grown produce are not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). GMOs are technologically mutated foods. Much of the produce carried in supermarkets is Genetically Modified. The PLU (Price Lookup Code-located on stickers on fruits) will tell you if the fruit was conventionally, genetically, or organically grown. Organically grown fruit will be marked with a 5 digit PLU code beginning with the number 9. GM fruit has a 5 digit PLU code that begins with the number 8, while conventionally grown fruit will have a code of 4 digits. Look for the number 9 to purchase non-GMO and chemical free produce.

Obesity among children is a serious issue today in our society. It is commonly known that most children eat more vegetables when they are involved in the growing process. This is why groOrganic offers free assistance to any school interested in beginning an ongoing gardening program. “The change in eating habits when children begin to harvest vegetables from the school garden makes me excited and hopeful. The children basically pick the vegetables, wipe them off and eat them right then and there!” says Jennifer DeWitt, VP of groOrganic and Garden Program Director at Eastside Christian School in Fullerton, CA. Growing your own vegetables often creates the desire to eat more healthily among children as well as adults.

The best way to lose weight is by adopting healthy eating habits. Always try to “EAT REAL FOOD”. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you probably shouldn’t be ingesting it. Eat raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Keep it simple! Limit condiments. They add extra calories that you may not even notice if you eliminate them. Buy local fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products if possible. By increasing your food quality and reducing your calorie intake, you have created a simple plan to lose and keep the unwanted weight off. This is a lifestyle change not a diet. Diets come and go, but when you remember to EAT REAL FOOD, you’ve demonstrated your understanding of the benefits of eating organically.


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Charity - posted on 01/23/2012




Even though I don't eat all organic foods or all natural foods I have made an attempt to put as much of it into my diet and it has helped out quite a bit. I'm past the point of losing weight and where I'm maintaining but I do feel better in general. Another thing I've noticed is that I have numerous tattoos and I started cutting out the processed foods right around the time I started getting the tats. I don't know if it's coincidence but I have been healing increasingly quicker from the tats as I go along which I think is pretty cool.

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