What's the best way to tone your arms at home?


Kaitlin - posted on 02/10/2012




push ups are the absolute best upper body workout. They help EVERYTHING. In the beginning it can be really tough- so try on your knees (keeping your back straight as a board) and if your wrists get sore, try rolling a towel or small blanket up and put your palms on it, your fingers stretching onto the floor. This will provide them with a little extra support.

You can also try checking out exercise tv.com (or on demand) and use soup cans as weights if you don't have any. even a 10 minute weight training workout with soup cans twice a week will drastically improve the muscle tone in your arms! Good luck!

Jane - posted on 02/10/2012




The simplest way is through household chores. Vacuuming, for example, really helps tone your triceps and get rid of the under-arm floppies. Putting canned goods on a high shelf repeatedly, lifting the laundry basket, and tasks that make you use your arm muscles all help.

However, if you want a formal exercise program check out http://life.gaiam.com/article/arm-toning... If you are a visual learner, then check out the youtube video above. I know the lady says "do as many as you can" but your goal eventually should be to be able to do 10 to 15 of each exercise three times with a brief rest between sets.


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Faith - posted on 09/30/2013




There are several ways, depending on your current fitness level needs and what level of tone you are looking for. A few simple ideas that require no gym equipment.

Dips, using the edge of your bathtub.
Pushups and close grip push up
Plank, this will work arms and more.
Using a can good or even a gallon of water filled as much or as little as needed for fitness level, curls and one arm kickback.
One arm press
Overhead extension, using can good or if you have it 3-5lb weight.

Hope those help :)

DawnDee - posted on 03/16/2013




Hi Karen, Wash your bathroom mirrors. I know sounds funny.. As you wash the windows use both are simultaneously in an upward, side to side and circle motion. Do this 3 times a day. You get a clean mirror and toned arms with no weights. I DID IT. YOU CAN TOOO.

User - posted on 06/04/2012




I've been doing a Challenge group with friends and Beachbody and have lost all the baby weight and I am getting more tone than I was before baby!

The Challenge Group is designed for people who are ready to commit to a workout program and healthy nutrition and gives accountability, support, and me as your coach to help you do this!

Here are the specifics on the challenge group.

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