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Formula Fed Sweeties

For mommas who chose to formula feed, were unable to nurse, foster moms, or whoever! Our little sweeties are still amazing and so are we!


Baby has really bad gas

My son is almost 4 weeks old and he's having horrible gas issues, and fusses a lot because of it. He was breast fed until about 2 weeks when I had to switch him to just formula....


Good Start Soothe....Reviews?

I don't know if anyone has tried this or not. I just started my son on it today and have seen a great start! He was on Similac Sensitive but was still constipated, gassy and had...


Please please help:

Hello I am new to this site and group. I am a stay at home mom of 2. My daughter who is 2 and a half was breastfed and never took a bottle (she refused). My son who is now 5 and...


Why is it...

That the breastfeeding group has like 21000 members but the formula fed one has 9 members?! There are statisticaly more bottle feeders then breastfeeders in this world. hmm


Ah, baby is constipated, help!!

I have my 7 week old son on Parent's Choice Sensitivity, I started him on that because of colic issues he was having. Well, now he's replaced colic with constipation, he's...


Has anybody baby been on gentlease?

Infant was breastfed stop at 6 mos went to enfamil formula , and had diarrhea and gassey.Took him to the Dr. and hes not allgeric to milk and has no virus. and its been 5 days...


sometimes you dont have a choice

Hi, I am Brittany and I am a new mom of a gorgeous little girl. I had every intention of breast feeding for at least 3-4 months. Sadly after a month she wasn't gaining enough...


Omega 3&6/Probiotic Formulas

I have my son on Nestle Good Start with the Omega/DHA and Probiotics because I have heard its very good for them.. but I have noticed he gets SO gassy on it (tooting and...


How long till they hold their own bottle?

I know every baby is diffrent, but I would like to know approximetly when they will hold there own bottle and how to help them learn how to do so. My second baby is now 4 months...


first time moms

i also admin another group. new young moms. you should add that one too


refuses to eat - help!!!!!!!

My daughter is 4 months old and it's been complete hell breastfeeding from day one for many reasons. One of them was I wasn't roducing enough and whenever my milk got down low,...


Hey all

Hey everyone - I'm Liz and I just wanted to explain why I created this group. I am mom to two sweethearts, Amelia and Jack. I tried nursing, but for whatever reason I wasn't...


Faliure to Breastfeed

Are you a mummy who couldn't breastfeed - how did it make you feel? Do you think there is enough support for those who can't? I am a mummy who was physically unable to...


question on formula feeding

so I had to switch formula, still on similac but using sensitive rs, it has rice in it. Now that he is eating he is going longer between feedins , should i be worried i dont...


Brand of Formula

We're currently using Similac for our 7 week old. I was thinking of switching to the BJ's brand. Has anyone tried it? The doctor said they're all the same but I'm nervous about...