Has anybody baby been on gentlease?

Gusty - posted on 02/03/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Infant was breastfed stop at 6 mos went to enfamil formula , and had diarrhea and gassey.Took him to the Dr. and hes not allgeric to milk and has no virus. and its been 5 days since hes been on gentlease seems to be doing better. but now his poop is a little grey has any body experience that with gentlease.


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Miriam - posted on 05/13/2011




my babies (4month old twins) have been on gentlease since they were about 3-4weeks old no problems we tried similac sensitive for a couple of weeks and did not like it it has too much foam! I think its probably because your little one is just getting used to it. good luck.

Hollie - posted on 04/06/2011




i had my babty on gentlease but only a few days due rtsto poop and ebad farts! lol .i put him on similac sensitive concentrarte and hes so much better!! we never went to the dr though. ist heard the similac sesitive was good aes much happier now

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