Fort Drum mamas

It can be lonely being a military wife, and it can be hectic if you're raising little ones... especially during a deployment! Let this be a place to make friends, share stories, vent, seek help, or just shoot the breeze " )


Looking to make some Friends! 😃

Hey everyone ☺️☺️ I'm looking to find ways to meet some moms and I know my 3yr son would love to have some friends also! I feel like it so hard to make friend when just...

Started by Nattalie on 03/29/2015 in Fort Drum Mamas

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We will be PCSing to Ft Drum soon!

Hi there, Im still learning how to use this site so bare with me. My name is Risa. Im a stay at home mom. My husband and I have two boys. We are currently stationed at JBLM,...

Started by Risa on 01/29/2014 in Fort Drum Mamas

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New to the group.

Hello all :) We have been here at Fort Drum since March of this year. We have 4 children, two of which are twins. I'm currently starting up a twin support group for military...

Started by Susan on 11/19/2012 in Fort Drum Mamas

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New to the Fort Drum area..

So this is our second duty station away from anyone we know... and I suck at making friends.. I have a two, almost three year old daughter who's also dying to make friends......

Started by Suki on 08/23/2012 in Fort Drum Mamas

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New to Fort Drum..looking to make friends

Hello, My name is Brittany, I am 25, with a son who is 18 months and currently pregnant with our second (due in Jan). We moved up to Fort Drum on April 24 from Phoenix, AZ. I am...

Started by Brittany on 07/11/2010 in Fort Drum Mamas

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been here since nov. need to make friends!!!!

Hi!!!! I moved to fort drum to be with my hubby who came back from deployment. ive been here since nov. and im still really home sick. im use to living in the fast pace city so...

Started by Mitrice on 06/09/2012 in Fort Drum Mamas

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First PCS to Fort Drum

Hi everyone, my family is going to be pcsing to Fort Drum at the end of this week. This will be our first PCS and im terrified so im hoping to meet some friends there so i wont...

Started by Jade on 06/26/2012 in Fort Drum Mamas

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Welcome home to all of the 3 BDE Soldiers!

Hi - I just wanted to post on here a warm welcome to all of the 3rd Brigade soldiers and say that all of you ladies who have spouses in 3rd Brigade are so STRONG! We crushed...

Started by Christine on 03/07/2012 in Fort Drum Mamas

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Looking for playdates and mommy friends.

Hello ladies! My family is moving into the area this week from South Korea although I grew up in the San Francisco area. I'm scared because Fort Drum sounds nothing like any...

Started by Michelle on 04/04/2010 in Fort Drum Mamas

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new to ft drum

HI everyone, my name is Anna. Im 21, with a little girl who just turned 1, and a great husband. We just got here to drum last friday, and its our first stateside duty station....

Started by Anna on 04/28/2010 in Fort Drum Mamas

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New to Drum

Hello. My family moved to Fort Drum two weeks ago. We are still living at the Fort Drum Inn until we get an offer from housing. My husband is an E-6 and we have two beautiful...

Started by Shawn on 09/22/2010 in Fort Drum Mamas

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New to fort drum..looking to meet new people

Hello everyone, I'm new to the whole army life and right now we are station at fort drum. I have a 7month old baby boy been married for a year and a Half. As of right now I...

Started by Tiffany on 10/29/2011 in Fort Drum Mamas

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NEW at this whole military life.

Hi, I am so overwhelmed and have a million questions and I was just looking for some help. My husband is just about to finish AIT and we are ordered to go to Fort Drum by March...

Started by Stephanie on 01/18/2011 in Fort Drum Mamas

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Play groups

I am looking for some play groups on post does anyone know of any? We just moved on post and its getting cold and my girls are getting board lol So please if you know of...

Started by Sara on 11/19/2010 in Fort Drum Mamas

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Mama MeTime

Hey ladies, I know a lot of ladies around here have talked lately about how they need their hair done or are looking for a change & I just wanted to let everyone know that I...

Started by Lakyn on 01/02/2011 in Fort Drum Mamas

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

What do you do during the long Winter months to stay busy and doesn't cost much? My kids love having activities that keep them active so we don't get bored at home when the...

Started by Shawn on 12/19/2010 in Fort Drum Mamas

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