moms to kids whose birth moms have died

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Hi all! I'm new to the Circle of Moms. I have been trying to find the right community to join to find moms who are parents to kids whose birth moms have died. My husband's first wife passed away, and now I have the blessing of raising a two year old son. I've been his mom for about a month now, and it's not without it's challenges, so I was wondering if any of you have adopted a child whose mother has died, or if you've married someone who had children whose mother passed away.

I'd especially love to hear suggestions for bonding with children who have been adopted as toddlers, or any advice you can give me related to that issue. Thanks!


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My kids bio mom is still alive, so i cant help you there, but our youngest was just turned 2 when we got them so i can offer someitnhg in bonding. Finding sometihng that is a special tihng just for the 2 of you and no one else, like feeding the animals together if you have any, a special bed time routine, park day, just sometihng that is great fun even special wednsday donut breakfast. Its the time invstment, and consistancy that helps create the bond. I also sugest reading the book "Five Love Languages of Children" by Gary Chapman it helps you see deeper in to the personailty of the individual child of what it is they are sensitive to that could say "love" to them.

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