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Rachel - posted on 08/17/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Has anyone adopted a infant/toddler that was in foster care? Or has anyone fostered a infant/toddler that was available for adoption?

We have been looking into adoption for a while now, and we are hoping to adopt a toddler that is 12 months - 18 months old (possibly a little older). We have been checking the websites of "available children" but they only seem to list the children with severe special needs.

I know there have to be toddlers out there that are available for adoption, but don't have too many needs. I know a foster mom from my area that had toddlers that were available for adoption, and they were never "listed". I'd love more info. We called our local Family & Children Services to get more information on it, and we're just waiting to hear back. I'd love insight if anyone has any! Thanks!


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Linda - posted on 09/03/2010




We are licensed foster to adopt. We had a little boy placed with us when he was 8 weeks old. His mom continues to be a drug abuser, and his dad, I think is just plain dumb. He sat back and went through the motions to maintain visitation until our lil guy was almost 18 months old. When he was discharged from Neurology care, ENT care, and on the fast track to being released from special ed services, the dad decided that he could probably raise a child that didn't have a mental deficit. In the mean time, when our lil guy was about 12 months old, the court changed his case plan from reintegration to adoption. Then, when he was almost 18 months old, his dad hired an attorney and we went to court to fight for custody. We proved that the parents were still together, even tho dad testified they weren't, committing perjury, they even produced ANOTHER drug + child. End result, we lost our lil guy, after almost 2 YEARS, he has been placed with his dad.
So, I tell you all of this because it happens. Not every case turns out happy. Our case had been changed to adoption, we were told we would have first option, we were headed to PRT, and at the LAST minute it ALL changed. There are many happy stories, but there are also some very sad ones, too. Prepare yourself, and don't believe everything the case workers tell you.

Traci - posted on 08/27/2010




Yes, you do not see the healthier kids on the website because those kids are already in foster homes that want to adopt them. You have to be a foster or foster to adopt parent first and then you will find the healthier children. I am currently in the process. I started off as a regular foster parent but it appears that my first placement will be my last. I took in a 4 year old little girl and her 18 mo. old sister. Their mom was also pregnant at the time so when baby brother was born I also took him. In court this week mom told the judge she wanted me to adopt her kids. I agreed to an open adoption. Now we are just terminating parental rights on all three dad's, but that should not be too big of a problem. Good Luck!!

Tina - posted on 08/24/2010




We are doing the same thing! Congrats to you guys! I found out that the ones on the web site are all very special needs or a big sibling group. When you go through the process of becoming a foster to adopt, they will do a home study which will basically try to paint a picture of your family on paper! Then they will input that info into their system and that will bring up a bunch of possible matches. Of course you get to specify what kinds of problems you think you can handle etc.! Then they will present these children to you, at which time you will get to review everything they know about them! Oh and one other little tidbit! Here they offer a little financial support for these adopted children... Take It!!! you never know what problems might come in the future that might have big financial ramifications!! Better to let the government pay for it!! All the best in your search for the perfect addition to your family!!!

Marshella - posted on 08/21/2010




As far as I know, the kids you see on adoption sites are ALREADY free for adoption. That is why you see so many that have special needs - it is harder to find homes for them. It took us nearly a year to complete the training and background checks, etc, to be foster-to-adopt parents. As soon as we were approved, it was only a matter of weeks before we got our first placements - a sibling group of a 2 1/2 girl and her 5 yr old brother. We subsequently adopted them.

Tabetha - posted on 08/18/2010




what you do you apply to be a forster to adopt parent. make sure that you apply foster to adopt that way they only give you children that are available for adoption. then when you sign up make sure that you sign up for children 0 to 2 that way they will only give you infants to toddlers. it will take awhile because infants and toddlers alot of times go to family members but some of them have whole families of unfit parents. it will take longer but it is worth it i adopted my son from dhs just before his second birthday and he is a sweet heart

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