Foster Moms/Mums of all ages

This group is for all foster Mums/Moms who sometimes find the daily grind, social workers, support meetings, support workers, doc appts, family vac, protocols, fostering networks, frustrating and need advise or just to vent. Also for more uplifting commentaries, birthdays, weddings, graduations, guess what they did? guess what they didn't? Exploring every area in such a way that does not give away any personal info such as childrens names, birthdates, family members etc.: The privacy for our children is paramount, and we all wish to keep our children safe and loved and by keeping their info top secret is the goal. Although it is about time that a site was set up to really express our frustrations, happiness and yes even anger. We are after all HUMAN


Fostering to adopt

My husband and I have been blessed with 4 children of our own, but my family just does not feel whole yet. While pregnant with baby#4, my body wanted to just shut down, we...