Fredericksburg Area Moms (Va)

This community is open to all Fredericksburg area moms. I would love to get in contact with more local moms. This way we can communicate any public activties for kids (expecially the cheap or free ones!). I know do not have much time to look for these fun activities for kids, and I end up hearing about them at the last minute (or after the event has happened). It would be great to get to know oneanother and maybe even start some playground dates for the kids in the summer!


Things to do....

Hey everyone! My son is 17 months old and Im trying to find something for him to do. Has anyone taken there child to Funland? My son might be to young, but any suggestions?


Summer's Here!

Anyone interested in starting a play group once school lets out? I'd love to meet up once a week in the afternoon at one of the local play grounds!