Friends of Friends

A group for my friends and friends of friends : D If you know any moms extend an invite...can't wait to have a great time here and get this place really going!


Potty Training?

I feel like I'm talking to myself here but... Ok, so I have another kiddo on the way and I REALLY want Kimberly potty trained before Jayden gets here. I've been working with...


A Man Who Knows His Math

I got this in an email..thought it was kinda funny. A MAN WHO KNOWS HIS MATH >> >> >>He writes: >> >>I was driving to work yesterday when I observed a female driver cut...


Its gonna be a boy!!

We just found out today that we're going to be having a little boy..yay!! now i'll have my boy and girl and DONE! NO more after this one. I'm due May 29th! 1 day after our...


New look to the group

Ok, I tried making a group just for ppl here in Mineral Wells so we could plan playdates and whatnot.. Well I thought why not make a group that i could invite all of my mommy...


Sites worth Sharing

Here's a place to add and talk about web sites you think are worth checking out.


Dumb Survey..I'm bored lol

1. High heels or boots? boots for sure 2. What time did you get up this morning? 7:30am, Jeremy woke me up on his way out the door to work 3. Diamonds or Pearls?...


Do your Kids believe in Santa?

So, do your kiddos believe in Santa? Did they ever, if so and they don't now, how did they find out? How do you feel about your kids belief in Santa, is it a fun thing to do...


Christmas Dinner...Traditional or not?

So for Christmas dinner, do you go with a more traditional meal, turkey or ham and sides? Or does your family do something really diff from the traditional path, like BBQ, or...


Intoduce yourself

Hey everyone, well as some of you know we had a group on cafemom that just didn't work out for some reason, Maybe there are more moms on here. I know I'm more active on FB than...