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Gay mommies and parents

This community is for all Gay and Lesbian parents... Raising a child who is going to have soooo many questions is going to be a challenge! I'm creating this group so that we can all stand together and help one another through the beautiful future ahead. Congratulations to you all!!! xxx


finding other mommies

Hi there, Glad I found gay mommies groups here at Facebook. Until now the only contact with other lesbian moms is through an email list I own called DykeMoms on Yahoo groups. We...


Southern California??

Hi My name is Mary, I wanted to know if anyone is from So.Cal. I have not figured this site out to well yet, seem's pretty neat. I have a wonderful wife and we have 2 kids....


This is me :)

Hi my name is Katy and I have 3 boys 9, 8, and 5 and I was in a marriage for 9 years that I was just not happy in. I new I liked girls but I felt trapped and did not know what...


Hey ladies,

I wanted to introduce myself.. I am a 25yrs old, I have a 6 yr old little girl from a previous relationship... me and my partner have been together for 4 yrs and she is the love...


Play Groups???

I live in the Western NY area, near Buffalo, and was wondering if anyone knew of any LGBT Playgroups I could take my son too. He is eight, and already has a very diverse...



Just joined this website, I guess to see how other moms handle every day stuff of being in a "different type" of family. I noticed that the posts are all old. Does anyone chat...


Our Intro

Hi All, My name is Denyel and my partner is Kate. We live in Indiana (so we can't get legally married, but our state does allow 2nd parent adoption) We have been together for...



Hi, My little one has started getting really agitated lately. If she's not sleeping, she's screaming. She chews her hand and drools alot. I guess its quite evident that...


been awhile

seems like it's been awhile since anyone posted. Anyone in North Carolina/



I'm new here, so I thought I would introduce myself. I'm Trisha, 37, and a single lesbian (of course!) mom of an 18-year-old daughter. We live in Hawaii. If anyone here is...



Hi All, I have realised that no one has posted any pics in this group..... Well c'mon, what ya waiting for! I want to see all your little miracles! ;o) Take Care



My name is Kim. I am 42, raising a healthy, happy boy with my partner. We live in a SMALL town, so I know we have some challenges ahead of us. I am hoping to find some folks to...


this is me

If you would Like so, Hi I am Bonnie (aka. Bon). I am only 20 I look after 7 Kids, a 1 yr old (Romeo), 2 yr old (darren), 10 yr old (Molly), 10 yr Old (Trena), 12 yr old...