Would like to homeschool my 10yr old son need help getting started.


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Tracey - posted on 11/30/2011




My best advice, after "know the state laws regarding homeschooling", is figure out your child's learning style. There are plenty of online resources to help you do this, or the book The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias is a quick, easy read on the subject (took me 2 hours).

Once you know your child's learning style(s), go to TheHomeschoolLIbrary.com and look in the forums for the sticky on Homeschooling Philosophies/Methods. They've broken it down to which methods work best with which learning style, and which ones work least well.

After that, go to their Curriculum Review forums. Their reviews note which homeschooling method that curriculum falls under.

Doing this process will really help speed up the process of figuring out how you want to homeschool. It will also decrease stress for both your child and you. One of the main reasons I see homeschoolers getting stressed out is that there is a learning style mismatch with the method and curriculum. A kid who learns best hands-on is not going to do well in a school-at-home style of instruction of sitting at the table all day doing worksheets, but will likely thrive on Unit Studies, with many crafts and projects. Kids who learn well from reading and analyze their information will want to read about Ancient Egypt, rather than building a pyramid from tongue depressors and decorating it with hieroglyphs. Kids who need hands-on, though, will likely be enthusiastic and make the hieroglyphs say all kinds of interesting things, and would "have a stomach ache" or simply sit and be sullen if asked to read about it instead. Matching the style to the method really helps!

Tama - posted on 04/07/2010




First of all, that's awesome that you are considering homeschooling! I am an unschooling mom to a 7.5 yr old and 5 yr old in Atlanta. You may want to look into the different types of homeschooling to see what appeals to you. Do you want to do "school at home" or are you looking for other ways for your son to learn.

I am a former teacher and found that the way that kids are taught in school did not seem to be the "best" way for kids to learn. Upon reading quite a bit about it, I strongly felt that natural learning (child-led learning) was the best option for us. Basically, I tossed everything I learned in "Education classes" out the window.

We do not use curriculum at all. My kids learn by doing everyday activities. They research if there is a topic that they are interested in. I act as their support and guide when they need me. I don't do lessons or "make" them do "work". We don't do worksheets or tests.

Here is a great website about the Unschooler philosophy and lifestyle. http://joyfullyrejoycing.com/unschooling... There is also a GA Unschooler Yahoo group you can search for if you decide you are interested in that and there are members all over GA.

Crystal gives good info on what is required as far as the state is concerned and you can look up on the website she gives for specific laws.You do NOT have to be a teacher to homeschool your child.(I know someone who was told that by the school when she came to take her child out to homeschool him!) Following is my interpretation of the law. You should read it for yourself, however. Parents are required to notify the school district that you are homeschooling (when they are 6 in Sept) by filling out a form. Monthly "attendance" is required and kids have to "attend" 180 days. You are required to keep an annual progress report. (I am doing a box w/ lots of stuff dropped into it that my DD does. I also keep sort of a journal w/ notes on what we are reading, projects, websites, etc. just for my own benefit and for her to see once she's older... but it could be used as a progress report if needed.) This is only for your records -- not for the school system. You must have your child tested once they have reached "3rd grade" and every 3 ys once they start. You may choose the test to give and you may give the test yourself at home. Scores are kept by you and do not have to be reported to the school district. You are required to cover certain subject areas; however, you are not required to do them in any certain fashion or use any certain curriculum. (My kids often learn math by cooking with me. We learn a lot about science by going hiking and to different nature centers.)

If you are doing a curriculum, I'd get on some message boards for homeschoolers and see what people recommend. You can get a lot of those online cheaper I believe.

Best wishes to you and your son! :)

Crystal - posted on 01/22/2010




I homeschool my 5 and 4 year old older kids. This coming year we have to start actually following the law.

I would look up www.hslda.org for the laws, but in a nutshell you must notify the superintendent of your school district within 2 weeks of starting home education, and then annually thereafter (on the date of the first notification) then once a month turn in attendance sheets. Then every three years starting in 3rd grade you must do a standardized test, that you don't have to turn in, but you do have to keep in your records. The superintendent, if he/she feels you are not doing your job must give 14 days advance notice before requesting to see anything and you still are not obligated to show him/her.

As for the online thing Rebecca is talking about, that is public school at home. It is ran by the public school system and is in my eyes, NOT homeschooling because you are still under the public school control. However if you do go this route you don't have to follow the homeschooling laws because your son will be enrolled in a public school.

Natalie - posted on 01/19/2010




Georgia Home Educators Association has many good resources and can help you locate a local homeschool group for support and activities for your child (http://www.ghea.org/) They are a "christian organization" but even if you are not religious their website maybe a good starting point. Hope this helps :)

Rebecca - posted on 01/18/2010




I don't homeschool, but I'm a teacher and I've heard that the state of Georgia offers an online program for homeschoolers, that follows along with the normal school curriculum. I'm not sure what grade it starts with, though. It is designed to be especially helpful with math, etc when it starts getting to subjects that parents are experts in. Check with the counselors at the school he currently attends and they should be able to help you find more information. Or try the Gerogia DOE website (www.doe.k12.ga.us). They may have info there.

As far as supplies, The School Box is used by teachers and parents alike.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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