Getting your body back after baby

Moms trying to get back into shape after pregnancy. Tips and advice on losing preggo pounds. Tell us how you lost your baby weight, ask advice on to loose those trouble areas. Is it really impossible to get back to the pre-pregnancy belly? Is there anything we can do about sagging skin or stretch marks?


Weightloss advice& support

I just had my son 5 months ago and as I know it takes time to lose the weight, I just feel extra self conscious seeing as how I was over weight prior to having kaleb and to then...



So I have terrible deep, wide stretch marks. Not only are they on my tummy, but my hips, thighs and breasts. I tried so hard when I was pregnant not to get them, I spent so...



Ok I need some serious help! I gained about 80lbs with my first baby. 1month after she was born I had to have emergancey gall bladder surgery and then a few months afer that I...