Glee Fans (a.k.a GLEEKS!)

This community is for Moms who have become GLEEKS since watching the show, Glee! Maybe you love to hate Rachel Berry, or just want to BE Rachel Berry. Maybe you want to smack Terri for lying to Will! Maybe you think Puck is hotter than Finn and feel a little guilty about it. Maybe this is the community for you! lol! Lets keep it fun...just like Glee Club!


Glee Tour 2011!!

Anyone going to make sure that you have babysitting covered so you can go to this?? I'm super excited...and yes...the kid is staying home with...


Excited for Rocky Horror?

Been reading up on some of the online comments on the upcoming Rocky Horror Glee Episode and there are a lot of negative comments about the upcoming show from the die-hard Rocky...


Last Night's Episode! [6/1/10]

Ok, so I LOVED the episode last night. HATED how Jesse treated Rachel though in the parking lot. I must say though, the only thing that truly bugged me was Quinn's performance...


Have your own Glee Party

Hey Ladies! They just posted this to gear up for the Glee Season Opener: