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Danielle - posted on 09/24/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3 and half year old son has just be diagnosed with Global development delay and is now being refered for all these tests and to be honest its all getting on top of me, my parner is always resurraning me that everything is going to be ok but i just cant help but worry about the mri under sedation that he has to have.. Im not a mum whos looking for a label for my child i was told before i had him he would have problems as i had carbon monoxide posioning when i was 20 weeks pregnant with him.. I dont really have anyone who has a child with gdd or simular problems that i can talk to and im just in need of some advice


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Belinda - posted on 01/24/2012




I have three children with GDD (well...technically 2 now as my daughter has caught up significantly over the past year to not be classed as GDD anymore. YAY!) aged almost 7yrs, 5.5yrs and 4.5 yrs. My daughter is also about to get assessed to see if she has an eating disorder (over eating)

My youngest son (2.5yrs) has cystic fibrosis, but is thankfully advanced for his age (mind you, he has been coming along to all the therapy appointments since he was born, so its no surprise! lol)

Trust me, I know all about feeling overwhelmed and hopeless!!

I find all the therapy appointments exhausting, but I know its essential.

My CF son goes under sedation a lot for tests on his lungs and digestive system. After almost 3 years of him going through this, it never gets any easier. You find yourself pacing hallways if the procedure goes minutely longer than the doctor's estimation. Keep a good book handy to try and keep your mind busy, its honestly the best trick!

Until my daughter started an Early Intervention Program for kindy, I too had noone to turn to who understood. I was also the first of my friends to have children, which made it even harder. Once I was around other parents who understood my frustrations, it became easier.

Try to make some time for yourself. It keeps your head in a good place. Join a support group (this online one is a good step :) ) or try and find one locally. You may be surprised as to what is available!

My biggest outlet is that I blog. I vent my frustrations,share my childrens milestones. It is very theraputic. You dont have to put it in cyberspace, keep a journal. Its good to look back on later and see how far you and your child have come.

Anyone reading this can contact me anytime on here or via email :)

Nichole - posted on 10/23/2011




My son is also 3 and a half and we just got the diagnoses of GDD. My husband is military and we are currently stationed in Germany but they are moving us back so he can get all the therapy and testing he needs. I understand being so overwhelmed I get frustrated because I dont have anyone to talk to noone knows what I go through everyday. My son is over 50% delayed so he is mentaly my daughters age. We are having genetic testing done since its linked with alot of disorders. I hope to hear back from you soon. It would be nice to have someone to swap stories with and help eachother out

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