Talk about a growth spurt!

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My son Kyle started life as a sick infant. He cried a lot & had failure to thrive. I thought from the start something was wrong, he was much smaller than other kids his age & just never seemed healthy but nobody could ever figure out what it was. We tried things like soy formula, lactose free, Lactulose and no milk at all when he was very young. Kyle turned into a sickly kid. His whole life hes had medical problems like migraine headaches, intestinal problems, extreme fatigue, passing out, anemia, dizziness, blackouts & seizures. No doctors could ever figure out what was wrong. I had even lost a couple of jobs because we were spending so much time at doctors appointments & Children's Hospital & I remember people I worked with saying remarks like "Why is your kid ALWAYS sick Heather?" It felt horrible because I didn't know what was wrong. He had been misdiagnosed with all sorts of illnesses and been given strong medicines with horrible side effects. Last December I sat at my doctors office & happen to have pick up a Parents magazine & read an article about "Wheat The Enemy" & I just knew in my bones the story I read was my son Kyle to a T. I had him tested & he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease on Dec 11,2008. When I looked back to all of his health issues Celiac just made sense to me. He had already been on good vitamins but in August of 2008 the company Id been buying his vitamins from reformulated their product & made their vitamins even more absorbable so I gave them to Kyle and by December when he was formally diagnosed he had already grown 4 inches in 4 months! Kyles GI specialist told me it had to have been from his vitamins since the villi in his intestines were so damaged that he wasn't able to get nutrition from foods he ate. Last week Kyle had his 13 yr WCC and has grown 13 inches since last year. I knew he'd grown but I was amazed at how much. He was given a clean bill of health for the 1st time in his life and had moved from the 5Th%, where he had been his entire life to the 50th% in one years time. If you've ever had a sick child or known a sick child it is the most heart breaking feeling in the world & it really makes you realize there is nothing else in life as inportant as your health. If you have health problems now or are just trying to avoid any in the future & would like to hear more about the vitamins that I give Kyle please message me or check out my link for more information.

Heather Fox

(425) 753-1600

"There are two primary choices in life:

to accept conditions as they exist, or accept

the responsibility for changing them."


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Nicole Lynn - posted on 04/12/2016




I know this post is old but if you're still following I'd like to ask you some questions. Thanks!

Susan - posted on 06/25/2012




I am interested in these vitamins as well. Not sure if Heather is still at the contact info provided since this was posted in 2009. Please email me at I would like to find out more and discuss in further detail.


Rachel - posted on 11/07/2009




I am interested in these vitamins, my nephew has severe allergies and this is little he can eat. Some things he is allergic to are dairy, gluten, corn, soy, peanuts, almonds, and the list goes on. Please let me know. thanks.

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