Godly Guidance for our children!

You know about parenting your children, now let's look at Christian Life from a child's point of view. Children flourish with love and kindness and discipline, but a child's most important job, the main means by which he learns is through play and fun. The problem in a Christian household is finding fun time things for your children to do that don't involve the rough and tough attitude so often found in the children of America today. Children, more so than a person of any other age, do not understand why they can't have what other children have, play the same games, or watch the same television shows as other children. It's not always possible to keep your children in a group that has the same belief structure as your family and it is very likely not wise to keep them segregated from non-Christian children. Your child needs activities that reinforce Bible teachings, but do so in a fun and non-threatening way. So often we say no don't do this, don't do that, what we should do is positively redirect them, and be godly parents reflecting gods love thru us to our children.