Good advice for a mom trying to get rid of a binky or pacifier

I read this advice from another circle of moms member and I had to try it I was sooo desperate to get rid of my 2 Year olds binky! I cut a hole in the end of it and later that night when he asked for it at bed time I went ahead and gave it to him without saying anything about the hole. He popped it in his mouth and spit it out and said "Mommy its Broken" I told him no honey you are a big boy now and you have big boy teeth I made him take it to the trash (after he told his daddy to fix it lol) and throw it away he was upset for about 30 minutes and cried and it was very pitiful I felt horrible but it passed he went to bed that night without it for the first time in 2 years dont get me wrong he asked for it a few times over the next few days I just reminded him that we had to throw it away because it was broken and I am happy to say its been over 2 weeks now and he hasnt said anything about it since about a week and a half ago! I am so very proud of him!