Breastfeeding Issues Please Help me Mommies

Lisa - posted on 07/09/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Lactation consultants can only help so much, too costly to go and see moms?

I breastfed my two boys, Alec now almost 3 and Zak 17 months, both for a year. Did wonderfully. Now I am finally able to nurse my twin girls born April 14. Had to pump and bottle feed because of latching issues. They've been nursing fom mommy for about 2 weeks now and it's difficult. They nurse for sooooooooooo long. I nurse them at the same time and they go for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. With 2 other young children this is difficult and I feel bad putting up the baby gate to keep the boys in the playroom, but if I don't they get into everything b/c they know my hands are tied.

At first my milk supply was great after delivery, then I got Mastitis, then a uti, then strep and went to the hospital b/c I passed out on the couch home alone with the kids with a temp of over 104. Good thing I called my husband at work about 1 hour before it happened and told him I wasn't feeling well. So when he tried to call and check on me and got no answer 3x in a row...he rushed home! I have such a good man. Anyway, we have to put the girls on formula b/c my milk supply went from 8-10 oz down to 2-4. At this point the girls were already eating 3 each and now they are 4-5 each. They are already doing very well with night sleeping. Sometimes they sleep thru the night, but usually they go down around 10pm and wake up between 2 and 4, I have been giving them formula for the night feeding, but am starting to think I should nurse.

Don't mean to babble....The thing is I have plenty of milk when they wake around 8am. I nurse them around 830-9 and do so every 3 hours, but by 6pm I notice my milk supply dwindling and by 9pm when it's time to nurse, i def. don't have enough to do it and have to give them formula.

Please lend me your advice, I could really use it b/c I want to breastfeed 100% with no formula.


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Jeorge - posted on 05/17/2012




Don't feel bad if you have to supplement with formula. It sounds like you are running on no sleep and taking care of four kids. The fact that you are making any breast milk is fabulous.
If you truly want to breastfeed than you need help. Someone to help with the older kids and make sure you are eating and sleeping enough. You won't be able to take care of anybody if you are in the hospital

Tina - posted on 04/29/2012




The more you nurse the more it will build your supply, it's definately hard, but I managed to exclusively nurse my twin boys, it's all supply and demand. I just had to have someone keep telling me to just keep feeding them. Some babies cluster feed where they nurse close together frequently to go for longer stretches after. Even if you feel like there is no more nurse! That is the best advise I can give your body will produce more while they are suckling. Try doing a breast compression (squeezing your breast while nursing) it will help to get in more quicker so maybe they will work on the fattier hind milk for longet (some babies get lazy). If your not, try nursing simultaniously, it can stimulate better. Hold off on follow up bottles for 10-15 min, or as long as you can, so they wont expect it. Thie above is the best advise I can give besides to make sure you are eating and drinking plenty. I was lucky enough to receive some training on breastfeeding to help others, but I have also heard of an herb called fenugreek that I have been told seems to boost your supply, but have no experience with it so you may do some more research on it. Good luck!

Kim - posted on 07/16/2010




My twins are my first two and last two I give you credit for wanting to breast feed your twins. I tried in the beginning. But I had a hard time getting both them to latch on, and probably caused the lack of milk production. I tried to pump but when I had time to pump, I was so exhausted I needed to sleep. I felt guilty about giving up trying to breast feed, but I was only pumping about an ounce or two a day, and trying to breast feed them was a chore. For me, stopping breast feeding was the best thing for me and the boys. I got rid of lots of stress and the boys were happier.

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