how to lose the belly after twins?

Rebecca - posted on 03/03/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




i had my twins 7 months ago. i still have all the skin and some weigh that i had before them as i only gained 25 lbs with my twins. any suggestions on how to get rid of all the extra skin i have left? please help. i'm going to get married in 2 years and i want it gone by then. the reason i am asking for help now is because i don't know how long it's actually going to take to tighten the skin or if it is even possible.


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Ianina - posted on 08/24/2012




The guy is Tony Horton. I'm doing P90M...

I did had cosmetic surgery after the twins. I was a size 0 before getting pregnant, gained 34 lbs, lost most of the weight but the skin hanging was awful.

Jeorge - posted on 04/21/2012




Wow I gained almost 80lbs with my twins. I had pre-eclampsia and gained 25lbs in the last month alone.
You can do core strengthening exercises to help tighten your stomach muscles. You may never get your flat belly back but I wager to say you wouldn't trade them for a six pack anyway.
I did The ten minute trainer same guy who does P90X but more towards women. Plus I could find ten minutes to work out here and there.
I am now 10lbs lighter than when I got pregnant with my twins and a size 2 but the skin haunts me. It's not as bad as I see it but I wear mine with pride. I grew three healthy kids in that belly.
So I can't wear belly shirts anymore. I'll get over it

Laurece - posted on 08/09/2010




My twins are almost 4 and a half and although i am only a size 8 i still have excess skin from streching so far, so even though ive never tried spanx they do sound like the way to go.

Cari - posted on 03/18/2010




My twins are almost 2. I actually weigh less (40 lbs) than before I got pregnant with them, and the extra skin from the twins stretching me so far is still there. I dont think it will ever go away, especially after having 2 babies in there. I agree, Target spanx are the way to go.

Lena - posted on 03/13/2010




Spanx are those undergarments that suck you in and make everything look smooth. Target even makes their own brand and they work good as well.

Lena - posted on 03/12/2010




Sorry. The only way to get rid of the extra skin is cosmetic surgery or wear spanx. That's what these sweet babies do to us. Wow! Only 25 pound weight gain? That's great.

Congrats on the wedding!

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