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Helen - posted on 01/30/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,

My name is Helen and I am the mother of four children..including fraternal (boy and girl) twins aged 15 years old....yes I did survive that all important first year !!

My journey as a mum of twins was one of those stories that you think to yourself..."that only happens in Days of our Lives!" In fact I am damn sure they have been using my life as story

My first venture into motherhood came with the age old thought..."ooh I would love "A" baby"...not once thinking to myself about the family story of my great grandmother who had 4 sets of twins, a set of triplets and a set of quads...with 3 singletons suriving from the brood. In fact I used to joke to my hubby about it...karma came back to bite me on the arse big time for laughing!

So there we are, madly practising and next thing we get a positive test..woo hoo! Unfortunately 4 months into the pregnancy, I miscarried. It was devastating.

Went back to practising....not long afterwards, I started having pregnancy symptoms but after EIGHT negative tests, a negative blood test AND an ultrasound, supposedly I wasnt pregnant...yeap right....ended up being rushed to hospital, with appendictitis. Well that is what they thought it was! was my now 19 year old daughter Elizabeth telling us that her twin brother was stuck between my womb and fallopin tube.


Told ya...days of our lives stuff...!

Decided about 2.5 years later, we would try for A baby again...for some dumb reason, we never thought it could be twins AGAIN..we had only ever heard of someone having A set, not multiple sets. I was about 10 weeks into the pregnancy when it was confirmed that they were 80% sure of being twins and oh yes, if it is twins, this will be youtr 3rd set. EXCUSE ME? what the heck did you say?

We had not been told our first pregnancy was twins also... I have to say we were freaked out by that stage....anyway Kate and Jordan arrived at 36 weeks, after me spending 7 weeks in hospital on total bed rest because Kate decided to come early.

they arrived with Kate weighing 5lb 3oz and 48cm at 4.50pm and Jordan arrived 9 minutes later weighing 6lb 3oz and 50 cm....very healthy weights considering the docs had told me they would weigh maybe 4lbs the day before!!

Anyway, fate had it that i would go onto have a further two pregnancies involving twins, both which I lost around 4 months (ladies, the pill dosent always work)..before our last journey into parenthood announced itself...triplets.

I would like to say, we were not on fertility drugs and thought karma had a funny way of playing a joke on us!

Our son andrew and his two non identical brothers decided that our family needed some more excitement....Unfortunately I fell breaking my ankle and foot, within a week had lost two babies. However I still "felt" pregnant and went through the saga of numerous negative tests, ultrasounds etc to discover Andrew had managed to survive the fall and was arriving within 5 months...the docs were astounded. He and I both nearly lost our lives,...My hubby and I decided enough was enough and didnt want karma thinking quads would be next on the agenda....and shut up shop!

Life for the first year as a parent of twins were both horrendous and joyful...Kate slept through the night at 5 months..jordan however not until he was 18 months old. (yes I was tired...very tired). kate crawled at 5 months, jordan didnt bother and "ran" at 11 months...forget the walking bit. Both teethed, slept and talked at different ages.

I was informed they were never going to be true twins with intense bonding, communcating for each other etc...that was proven so wrong by them. They are extremely close, had their own language for a couple of years which we finally wean them out of. They have their own personalities, temperaments and interests. However, they know when the other is sick, lonely, sad etc when apart.

so that is me, any questions feel free to ask..

helen (



Helen - posted on 04/10/2014




Hi Helen,
Firstly, it may have been posted a long time ago however your post was one of the most reassuring I have read that I'm not crazy and I'm not alone.. So much so that I've signed up and posting. (First time I have ever posted on a forum about anything!! Lol)
So, secondly: My name is also Helen! And the similarities don't stop there.. A little bit about me- I'm 24 live in Australia and am also a twin. Unfortunately I never got to meet her as she died in utero, but I've always felt a close bond regardless.. You are never truly alone as a twin..
My dilemma of late, that has had me scouring the web endlessly for answers is that I am so so sure that I am pregnant, only I keep getting negative test results!

I just KNEW, almost from about two days after conception.. No symptoms just a "funny feeling"
Strangely enough my partner came home from work that same day and simply stated "you're pregnant" lol!
Hence, this feels like it has been going on without resolve forever!
If I am right I am 5weeks 6days pregnant.
Conception would have been around the 13 March.. I had textbook perfect implantation bleeding and light cramping 9days later on the 22 and have not have one smidge of a hint of a period since. Although my consistency downstairs is also textbook pregnant!

My nipples which are normally always flat are HUGE! And soooo sensitive (Like seriously whoever stole my nipples and put these monsters here c'mon give em back..)

I have headaches, cramps, bloating, constipation, gas, dizzy spells, irritability..(goodness- the irritability.. I get irritable because I'm craving chocolate but, there's only half a block left because I already ate the other half just before I demolished a porterhouse steak topped with mushrooms and cheese...mmm...and clearly half a block now just isn't enough because I'm FAMISHED! And i can't seem to sniff anymore out.. And i can smell the neighbor 4doors down when he takes his socks off! So then I cry. And then I laugh. And then I sob laugh.. And then I fall asleep in the pantry and wake up what feels like 4days later covered in melted chocolate and discover that vegemite and chocolate kinda go alright together..! Thank god my partner has the patience of a saint! Or is it the devil.. Hmm depends what tone of voice he says 'hello' in as to whether I decide to kiss cry or yell abuse at him..eek!)

I luckily haven't been overly nauseaus, but the odd spew in the desk bin at work has occurred..
I have peed on so many sticks I could build a play-house for the unborn terrors but still no positive..
I went to the doctor last week where even she was 98% certain of a positive return on the blood test, only for it to be negative.

I have felt so alone and lost and frustrated. It just seems like endless waiting only to be devastated again and STILL CONFUSED. Not to mention not wanting to feel or look like a crazy woman desperately obsessed!

But there is still no denying the symptoms! I'm eating twice as much as usual yet not gaining weight. I have a bulgy tummy that sits low and hard, impossible to suck in and feels kinda like there's an empty water balloon inside me..

I've always had a gut feeling, no pun intended ;-) that I would have twins, to the point where last week I joked to a girlfriend that "well maybe it's twins and they're just cancelling each other out!" Which is why today at wits end I search negative tests and twins and ended up here!

I'm so grateful for your post.. I'm reassured and comforted- it's nice to know that I'm not alone in this frustrating space and that I can 'go with my gut' and KNOW that I'm pregnant. And although I don't know you and you don't know me, and you may or may not ever see this post, it really just feels nice to ramble on to someone who has been there before.. I lost my mum in Jan this year after a 24year battle with breast cancer.. I miss her a hell of a lot- especially at the moment. There are so many things I wish I could ask.. That said however, I'm so grateful that she is out of pain and at least she gets to be with my twin! I know they will both always be around...

Oh dear I've been typing so long it's definitely chocolate time.. Perhaps I might do a full fridge raid...

I'm also going to get an ultrasound done soon I think... Seems to be the only sure fire way to know!

Thanks for putting up with my prattling.. I'll be sure to post back my results!

Helen x

Kisha - posted on 07/13/2009




My husband and I tried for 10years to have a baby. I got pregnant and miscarried. A year later I got pregnant agan and at 8 weeks found out they were twins. They came really early (28 weeks) because I had IC. They came home at different times, because they only weighed 1lb and 2lbs at birth. Now they are 17 months old and I am going crazy. My son is now 36lbs and his twin sister is 20lbs. My son is playful and friendly. My daughter is shy. They have done nothing at the same time. My son began walking at 14 months and my daughter just started to walk. They have their own language too. I can not see what is instore for me. These are my first and hopefully my only! They are giving me a run for my money. Boy I am tired.


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Trisha - posted on 03/16/2009




funny that you said that its not so common to have a few sets of multiples..... i had twin girls, n the docs told me i have a very high chance of havin twins again or even triplets

Diane - posted on 02/02/2009




Hi Helen,

At the age of 36, and after 2 girls and 3 boys who were all single births, we found out I was pregnant with twin boys. Now they will be 9 soon, and I've learned that the twin rule is they don't fit any rules :) They have slept in the same womb/crib/bed all their life, but have very different likes and personalities. They already know each other better than anyone else ever will. Mine also had their own "language"- they would be playing or coloring, and simultaneous start humming a tune that they seemed to make up as they go along.

Sometimes I can't believe we've made it this far on so little sleep :) Their birthday is this week, and after we celebrate, and they're asleep, I'll peek in and marvel at how I "made" and raised them :)

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