Government Abuse is Child Abuse

Save children / families from system abuse, child abuse for profit, abuse of tax payer dollars and more. PROTESTING NATION WIDE to force changes in our family court system including but not limited to; *Children's Rights *Parental right's. *Grandparents Right's *Abuse Title IV funds *Child Protective Services (aka; CPS, DSS, SS,DCFS). *1997 Children / Safe Families Act *Foster care *Wrongful Termination of Parental Rights *False Child Abuse Allegations/reports *Wrongful denial of child / parent time *Court appointed evaluators /Psychologist's *Assigned Judges *Court appointed guardian-ad-litem (GAL) *Parental Alienation (actions executed to alienate a parent are a crime-must be held accountable) *Child Support *Secret Family Courts / wrongful gag orders *Abuse of emergency ex parte court orders *Denial of trials, appointed counsel, transcripts