Grad Student Parent Network

Grad Student Parent Network is a group for moms (and dads, if there are any of you out there!) who are currently working on a post-baccalaureate (post-undergraduate) degree. Grad student moms have unique needs such as juggling the baby and writing a dissertation, commuting to classes while TAing an undergraduate course, struggling with the tenure-track job interviews and balancing daycare, attending evening classes while working full time, to name a few. Anyone who is trying to earn a MA/MS, PhD, EdD, JD, MBA, etc. or who can empathize and offer support for grad student mom experiences is welcome to join this group.


Doing a PhD with a toddler

Hey guys! I'm in my third year of doctoral study, and hopefully the last year. I have 15 month old boy and stay at home with him. Also taken on some tutoring online. A bit...


Hello there, new member.

Hi, I just found this group and thought I'd join. Other than grad school, I'm a stay at home mommy with my two boys, four years and four months. I am currently in the MEd....


Welcome to the group!

This is a new group, which is why there aren't too many members. Please join, show support for other grad student parents and get the conversations started today! Thanks!


Bad job market worries

Hi mamas, I've been really worried about the bad academic job market lately. i'm in a humanities phd program which means that i should be entering the tenure track job search as...



Finals week is almost over. I can't wait for a 3 week break!