Grand Junction Mommies

For all the Grand Junction, Colorado mommies out there looking for friendship/playgroups/support/etc!


Children and Mommy Playdate

This week will be my last week of work, so it will probably be my sons last week of daycare. I was wondering if anyone wanted to get together to have a playdate. I don't have...


Yard/Toy sale tomorrow

Yard sale (could call it a toy sale really) from 8am til noon on Alexander Ct in Fruita. Alexander is a very small culdesac street off 18 rd between K Rd (Ottley) and J6 Rd...


St. Mary's

I was just wondering who here has given birth at St. Mary's and how was their experience. I'm having a scheduled c-section and just did my pre-registration this past Friday....


Child care facilities for 2 year olds

My dependable and trustworthy sitter quit on me. I've been forced into the GJ public child care scene. Does anyone have any advice on which place is good, safe, and enriching...


Get together???

I would love to plan a get together for us and the kiddos sometime soon. Is anyone else up for it? I know some of us have littler ones so the park probably isnt the best idea,...


Happy Valentine's Day Mommies!

I'm sure you're already feeling the love from your little ones but I hope you have time today to slow down and enjoy the amazing feeling of being a mother! You deserve it!


Recipe swap

Hi Ladies, If any of you have a recipe or dish that you love to make! Please share it! I know some of us are constantly trying to think of new things to make our families for...