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Grandmas raising grandchildren

Support for those of us raising our grandchildren



Is there any one out there raising 6 year grandsons? I have been raising my daughters' son since he was 8 months old. My husband left because he couldn't take it.


How to explain absent parents?

I am new here, so small rundown on my background. I have a 15 year old son, a 19 year old daughter, and raising my 14 month old granddaughter. My daughter left when GD was born...


Raising our 6 year old grandson

Hello, I am new here. I am 48 years old and raising my 6 year old grandson. We have had him since he was one. My daughter decided that taking off with guys from online was...



I am a SAHM/G I have two girls and two boys ages 21,19,17,15. I also have two granddaughters Graclyn 17 mo and Paityn 6mo. All of whom still live in my home. Don't get me wrong...


What do you want to know?

Have not potty trained in over 20 yrs don't remember it being this hard she is ready and she loves to go to the bathroom and sit on her potty but she won't stay there long...


Hello I am!

I am a 57 year old grandma raiseing her specail need's grandaughter ever since 1999.. she is now 15.Oh yes the teen year's.We have fights all the time about her chose's in...


Wisconsin Laws on school.

does anyone here know any wisconsin a bout the laws of school,what I when to know is the law about when a childern can drop out of school and start to work for a living.Because...


Anybody here?

Has anyone been on this lately? I am almost done with my job as Tiffany is 17 and in 11th grade. Tues. we bought her a little red car to get back and forth...


Hi, I'm Maureen

Hello..I am almost done with my grandchild-raising job. I got my Tiffany when she was 10 months old, and she is 16 and a half now. In fact, we are leaving in a few min. for...