Grandparents and loving it!

This group is for Grandparents that love spending time with their grandchildren even if they tire us out. I would like suggestions for activities, inexpensive Christmas ideas, healthy fun recipes. Sharing of happenings...


First Christmas

I have 2 grandsons ages 11months and 4 months. We just had their pics taken today and love how totally adorable they are! Did we ever have any idea how much fun these babies...


First Grandchild

Well my grandson just turned 1 on April 8. I thought that there was nothing better than being a mom but being a grandma is way cooler. Love visiting and spending as much time as...



My first grandchild, a girl was born in England, her parents were in the Air Force. She was born in June 2000 and I did not get to meet her until November of that year. It was...



My birthday was Feb 27 and my daughter give me a great gift for my birthday a grandson named Thomas he was born on my birthday was that a great gift or what