How to find a good sitter in Moncton?

SyLvie - posted on 03/25/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm a single mom, looking for a babysitter in the Moncton area. My son is 5 months old, so I really want to find someone that is experienced with babies and is trustworthy. I have a few problems and questions. First, I don't always have access to a car to pick up a sitter.

Where can I find a good sitter? Does anyone have any good advice?


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Kathleen - posted on 12/09/2009




I as well am looking for a sitter. I have an 8 mth old... I looked on Kijiji nad I will be doing interviews soon.

I guess thats all a mom can do. I as well am a single mom so I know what you are going through. And I don't have a car either. If you are living near me I could try sitting for you. Let me know...

Kristina - posted on 05/19/2009




Perhaps you can find somebody in the area who would be willing even to trade sitting services temporarily while you find a permanent sitter. For example my friends and I simply exchange our kids, ( ie if I need a sitter they take my daughter and if they need a sitter I take theirs). Basically find a few moms in the area who would be willing maybe to start a group

Rosa-Maria - posted on 03/25/2009




Your not the only one by any means, I've also been looking for someone to watch my 5 month old daughter 2 days a week so I can go back to work, or even a daycare, but a vast majority of the daycares in the area don't take under 15 months or 3 years and those who do genrally have a rather large waiting list. So far the best links I've had has been word of mouth, friends of friends and people I know and trust willing to be able to take care of my child...I was fortunate enough to find a mother of a friend who was off the days I needed a sitter and who was more than excited to get their hands on my daughter but this was also after a month of day care visits and dead end phone calls. So although I have no names to give you, I guess keep looking is the advice I can give you and good luck!

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