Green and Eco-friendly Moms

Anyone interested in making their lives a little greener. Let's help each other out - with so much information out there we can weed the good from the bad, link to new ideas, and make our earth happier and healthier for our children. Please keep this an information type forum. It would be greatly appreciated if you do not try to sell items, or run your business through this forum. Thank you!


1st Birthday gifts

I suddenly find myself swamped in baby party invites and have no clue what to give these little ones. Being a very eco-friendly mom, I don't want to go out and buy cheap plastic...


Green Bloggers Discussing Politics

We have a list of posts that are all over the political spectrum, written by green bloggers. Please read, comment on the posts and share. Do you know any bloggers that we...


New Eco Friendly home shopping Site

Wikaniko, pronounced We Can Eco, launched their new site this month. Discover our range of eco Friendly, natural cleaners, bamboo towel range, pet accessories, natural make up...


Greening the Holidays

One of the best ways we can shrink our environmental footprint this holiday season is by buying second-hand gifts or "re-gifting" things we no longer need but that someone in...


All Natural Diapers

I know a lot of you may use cloth diapers but for those who are looking for a great eco-friendly diaper, try out Bambo Nature.Bambo Nature Baby Diapers carry the official...


Has anyone tried Double Impact?

It gives to your favorite charity when you live a little more sustainably (super easy everyday actions)-- has partners like HappyFamily and Earthbound Farm. Here's the youtube...


Making a difference.

We don't need to start out by being extreme. We can all start out by making small changes to make a big difference. Did you know that over 80% of our daily waste is recycable?


Baby Food

I want to make my son most of his baby food. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this. Which tools should i get, recipes, or nutrition advice?


No Solicitation Policy

Soliciting is not allowed on Circle of Moms, and we have a zero tolerance policy. This means no work-from-home recruitment pitches, no ads for dieting programs, no coupon codes,...


Working from Home!!

The company I am partnered with has been around for years and is very well known and reputable with a proven track record. No selling anything, switch your stores with products...