Anyone struggling with a not-so green spouse?

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Almost gotta laugh sometimes... pulling garbage out of recycling bins, turning off the lights constantly, rushing to throw the coffee grinds in the compost bucket before he makes coffee and throws them in the garbage, cringing at another of his coffee runs to Dunkin Donuts, bracing myself for the annual battle of when to install the air conditioners (not yet, not yet).


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Shelley - posted on 10/26/2009




Ditto and my kids too; I too go back through the trash and as I do have to repeat "this gets recycled", and the shampoo and conditoner bottles that my girls forget can get recycled. My family really hates me not buying paperproducts or small water bottles. I just found the BPA free sports water bottles that are safe to freeze at our local Sports Authority and they are glad they can freeze those now. As for cleaning products we use wowgreen and the whole family loves them and the smell.

Amie - posted on 10/07/2009




My hubby is very good at recycling and turning off lights, water etc BUT he fights me to the death about using chemical cleaners. He thinks vinegar and baking soda don't actually get things *clean* and will go behind my back and buy CLR. He did that on the weekend when I was out and cleaned the bathtub with it, thinking I wouldn't notice?! Well, it's now Wednesday and I can STILL smell it when I go in the bathroom. GROSS!

He's also really fighting me on using unpaper towels and cloth napkins. I don't think he can live in a world where disposable products don't exist. It's going to take him a while to adjust. I might have to call his sister and get her to give him another lecture!

Gaylin - posted on 10/06/2009




Yes, hubby isn't too good about the living green stuff, he grew up in a 2nd world country(maybe could qualify as a 3rd world), so maybe it doesn't click in his brain....I don't know.

Lisa - posted on 09/19/2009




LOL. I finally got mine to start recycling ~ seriously the bin is right next to the trash can! But now I have to pick non-recyclables out of the bin as he tries to throw EVERYTHING in there...definitely better that way though. Luckily he doesn't really care what changes I make as long as they don't create more work for him. So right now while I'm using the cloth dipes on the baby, the 2x week he changes her he uses disposables until I get around to ordering some daddy friendly clothe dipes! =0)

[deleted account]

well one solution is to only have eco friendly products around so if he wants to clean he has to use them! haha. i have the best suggestion for eco friendly garbage bags. most garbage bags take 100s of years to biodegrade! imagine. they will outlive us! anyway, on they sell these great eco-friendly garbage bags and dog poop bags that biodegrade very quickly.

Elizabeth - posted on 08/13/2009




My husband isn't so bad when it comes to the electricity and unplugging stuff, recycling. It's when I took away all his processed foods that he threw a fit. I replaced his country crock with real grass fed butter (that took a little over a month for him to stop crying about it! LOL) we have raw milk but hubby won't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

[deleted account]

Ugh, I hear you. I could have written your post till the dunkin donuts part. I absolutely hate when I leave the house first because I know when I get back the TV and half the lights in the house will be on.... grrr drives me nuts...... oh and the dryer will probably be open too. AHHH!!

Dana - posted on 07/23/2009




I do have the same problem with my spouse but it is my 3.5 year old that is changing Daddy. My son tells him what can be recycled, to turn off the water when he brushes his teath and to turn off the lights. It is very cute and it keeps me from having to be the one to try and green my husband

Paige - posted on 07/02/2009




Your spouse makes his own coffee???!!! Fantastic! :)

My spouse is open to the green changes I have made in our lives and he's a good recycler but that's about as far as it goes. As long as I make the changes and don't change the thermostat setting (which I try to every day), he is content.

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