please has anyone else experinced these problems?

Chelsea - posted on 01/15/2010 ( 8 moms have responded )




I KIND OF NEED TO VENT, My daughter is 9 months old and has been constipated pretty much from birth, SHE WAS BREASTFED TILL 6 MONTHS when i had to start suplementing with formula by 7 1/2 month she was on formula. first her ped. passed the strain to pass a bowel movement off as she just hasent learned how to pass a stool yet. then by one month he said give her gas drops, so i did and it worked, then at three months she was still getting constipated and he told me to give juice, so i did, half water and half juice, about 6 oz a day, then i took her in again at 4 months and he told to give her undiluted juice nad introduce her to baby cereal for the fiber, so i did. at 6 months she started to pass stool so large and hard that her anus would bleed and i would have to help pull her stool out, so again i took her to the doctor who told me to give her prune juice and corn syrup,(high fructose corn syrup can contain traces of mercury close to the amount of tuna) 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day. SO i did, i gave her undiluted prune juice and prune baby food and it worked, now at 9 months she refuses to drink or eat anything prune, anything pear and is starting to refuse apples. The only way i can get her to drink juice is mixed in with her formula. SHE HAS ONCE AGAIN BECAME EXTREAMLY CONSTIPATED TO THE POINT I KNOW CRY EVERYTIME SHE POOPS. i cant tell you the last time she pooped in a diaper because i always have to take it off to help her, as my little baby screams, i cry and this has been routine for so long that i hadent even realized that the big picture is WHY WHY WHY is she constipated. and upon the relization tonight of how long she has had this problem feel like such a horrible mom for not speaking up, not asking questions and not demanding answers. I didnt metion the fact that she is below the 0% in weight and in height and didnt double her birth weight till 9 months, is still wearing 3-6 month clothes, size 1 shoes, o-3 month onsies and size two diapers.

i took her to the doctor on jan 20th and he still didnt want to try anything new. He said to increase the amount of corn syrup o was giving her and that was all he wanted to do, then when i questioned him he started blameing me for the problem telling me i didnt come in enough and that i let her get so skinny. So anyway i left the office crying with a follow up appointment, and went across the street to the hospital where one of my family members work. She called the doctors office for me the following buiessness day and demanded that they either give me a refurral or we would go to a doctor who would. So he not happy gave me a refurral to a ped. gastroentrologist and had me take my daughter for an abdominal xray even though he swore there was no blockages or back ups. THE APPOINTMENT TO THE GASTOR ISNT TILL MARCH! so i took her on the 22nd to get the xray while my doctor was out of town and the results came back while he was gone so another ped. in his office read the results, WHICH SHOWED THAT SHE WAS SO BACKED UP WITH STOOL THAT IT FILLED HER ENTIRE COLON AND PART OF HER LARGE INTESTINES. the ped, not her PCP prescribed that i give my daughter an enema @ 9 months old and start her on miralax. so on the 22nd i gave my little baby an enema which didnt work. NOw im afraid that my daughter who has finaly started to gain weight is going to start loosing weight from being on the laxative, at the same time i cant help but to think that most the weight she has gained is simply backed up stool. She is already so small and so far behind, i cant imagin after all the time it took to get her to gain weight what im going to do if she stops growing again.




Christy - posted on 02/12/2010




My son has dealt with constipation since he was about a year old. He started refusing foods and now pretty much everything he will eat is constipating. Our doctor had put him on Miralax and it was terrible! He broke out in a terrible rash all over his bottom. I quit it and tried a couple other more gentle children's laxatives, they helped a little but what really has helped us is that we started adding Primadophilus into his milk/water each day. It is a probiotic blend. I find it in the refrigerated section in the natural foods area of our grocery store. It sounds like there may be other things going on with her but this could maybe help.
I would DEFINITELY find another doctor too, especially if your child if failing to thrive now! It is so upsetting to see them go through so much pain. My son would hold it for days because it would hurt to go potty.
Also, I have heard that Rice milk can also help vs Soy/Dairy. Could be allergies? Gluten/wheat perhaps?
Good luck!

Tracy - posted on 02/03/2010




FIRST of all... Get a new doctor. I work in the health field and a good doctor would keep looking, listen to the mom and if nothing else, recommend you go to a pediatric gastrointerologist (sp?). I know because my son had similar problems and our doctor sent us to one when regular fixes didn't work. My son is now on a dairy restricted diet, he does do fiber supplements now although he started out on Miralax daily to get things under control. As he gets older it gets a bit better but we know it will be a life long problem. You see myself and my son have IBS. Symptoms vary from person to person but chronic constipation can be one symptom or chronic diarrhea or flip floping between the two. I'm a flip flopper but my son has the daily constipation. Diet can help!!!! I know it is a much harder fix than drugs but it works. Myself I'm an Ovo-Vegetarian and fairly symptom free because of it. I have my son (per medical advice) on only one dairy serving a day!, and limited meat (about 2-3 servings per week). You have to be diligent to get the nutrients a growing child needs but it can be done and as I said before he too is off Miralax now and only on Benefiber daily. Do some research on how to get children the nutrients they need from other source besides meat and dairy and then talk to your new pediatrician and try his diet or something that works for you and your daughter for a couple of months. Tweak the diet as you go and you will probably find her symptoms getting better too. I hope this helps. Let me know

Jessica - posted on 01/28/2010




Your daughter sounds too much like my son! When he was an infant he had severe constipation also, and his flat plate showed stool backed up into his intestines also. They tested him for Hirshprung's Disease (sorry I know I mangled the spelling) and it was negative. By accident, his GI doc tested his thyroid levels and we found out he has Congenital Hypothyroidism that did not show up on his newborn screen. Nobody ever thought of that, but it ended up being the reason for his constipation. I would suggest they test her for that, just to rule it out. Good for you in finding a new pediatrician! Good luck!


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Angie - posted on 02/20/2010




my daughter gets constipated like that as well where she bleeds and thats after not going for like days its very scarry and painful for them. i know give her milk of magnesia. her ped dr is the one who told me to give it to her, its a mild laxative that you can find at your pharmacy or really any store. it works. with her syndrome though i have to give it to her every night. i would try to give her a 1/2 teaspoon and if its still hard or not working try 3/4 teaspoon and on up. olivia is 3yrs old and we have been using it since about 3 months old every night so its not harmful. it wont work like within a couple hours but it should work with in 24-48 hours. hope this helps

Chelsea - posted on 02/03/2010




Kaelyn was just had a thyroid stimulator test, basic medabolic panel, urine sample to check for diabetes and a lead panel done, all came back normal. She is on milk based formula now but im lactose intolerant and consumed basicly no dairy while nursing and the problem strarted way back then. I was considering changing to a soy based formula but was told that if it isnt the dairy the soy can make the constipation worse has anyone else heard this

Chelsea - posted on 01/29/2010




iM having her tested for lead poisoning at her first doctors appoint with her knew PCP. I was reading that it can cause poor growth and constipation, and im kinda suprized know one has tested her yet. I thouhgt it was a pretty common thing to check

Carie - posted on 01/21/2010




I agree with Tricia. My little girl has the runs all the time. We go to GI and they are helping to fix this problem. My 22 month old is in size 18 mos also and is only 19 1/2 lbs. She is little below the 5th percent in weight. Tell the doc. that you want to go to a specialist about this. He/she will get that you are no longer letting the problem go. Let us know what happens. Good luck and bless that little one of yours.

Tricia - posted on 01/17/2010




I would take her to a Gastroligist. He should be able to diagonis why. my daughter is a 23 months old and only weight 19 pounds. She wears 18mth cloths, those are big on her.

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