just started going to the gun range and i like it but how do i get comfortable with my weapon ?

Carrie - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my husband is a big collector and knows everything about guns and love them he is the one that got me in to it . In the begining i was terrfired because i grew up close minded thinking that only the cops were allowed to carry guns and everyone else that had one was breaking the law but little did i know that you are allowed to care a weapon with permits little did i know , now that i have been going to the gun range i feel more confident that i can protect myself and my family .

Now i just need some advice on how to feel confortable with my gun and how to not pay mind to those that don't understand in my family why i want to learn how to shoot and why we have guns in the house with young children . i go through this with my family because they think that its no important to have in the house because my child can hurt herself and no matter what i say about how safe we are with the guns being in a safe and that my child has no idea that we have them because she is not allowed in that area when we are in the safe or in the room at all even if at times i cant even open the safe because its massive and so hard to even open for an adult.

so i come to you awesome women for some advice on how to block those closed minded family members in my family ... thanks


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Stephanie - posted on 07/17/2012




You just need to use it. The more you shoot and practice proper handling, the more comfortable you will become. It just takes time.

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In my situation, I am firm with them. I let them know that I in no way shape or form would put my child in danger and I have taken the proper precautions to ensure my family is safe. Tell them to bite you. :) As far as being comfortable it is just in knowing your weapons capabilities. Take classes such as defensive tactics/shooting. The more you handle it, the more comfortable you will be. Have fun!

Sarah - posted on 05/21/2010




I personally don't believe keeping children in the dark about guns. I was raised the same way you were. Only police were allowed to have guns and anyone else that did have them was a 'bad person'. My husband was in the military and is very into guns as well. He got me into them too. I carry a Bersa .380 on me at all times. The only one in my family that agrees with me carrying a gun is my grandfather. I am very open about my feelings and views. I have told my family that if they don't like something I am doing, they are welcome to talk to me about it. But, I will not change the base of what I do. I just might change the way I do it. I have told my family that I would NEVER do anything to put my kids at risk. By having guns in my house, I am doing the exact opposite. I am protecting them from the horrible people in this world. My 7 yr old daughter asked me why I carry a gun. I told her it was to protect her from the bad people that might hurt her. My 2 yr old son says he wants to 'shoot bad guys'. I simply tell him that we don't shoot people, we protect ourselves. When my husband and I clean our guns, we make sure our children are there and understand guns are dangerous and that they don't touch them.

About getting comfortable with your gun, I would have your husband teach you how to take it apart, clean it, and put it back together. You should be able to do everything yourself. Just like you know, or might know, the ins and outs of your house or your husband. It took being around it all the time. It's not going to hurt your gun to take it apart and put it back together everyday. Just make sure you are putting it back together correctly :)

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