Looking for new conceiled carry gun

Carol - posted on 01/21/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I currently have a Walther ppk and like the size and features but the trigger pull is just too hard for me. What would ya'll recommend? My hubby wants to look at the Walther pps but it might be a while before we have enough money for that one? Also do you use a CC purse at all? If so what do you like or dislike about it.
Thanks, I was so glad to see there are other gun totting mommas out there. I am the only one in my group of friends locally.


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Guinevere - posted on 01/31/2009




Hi....I carry Rossi 38. fits me ...feels great...I have a CC purse. It is a nice bag..but I had to have a friend make a leather holster to replace the one that came with the purse...now its great. I take my purse with me to work...everywhere..Its packed with all usual stuff...and my Rossi...and NOBODY knows....

Anne - posted on 01/27/2009




I have a Bersa 380 Thunder and love it.  It is small enough that I can carry it easily and the trigger is so smooth, that it feels so natural.  It is a semi-auto and the slide is not terrible but not easy to do, but once I became accustom to it, it was again just a natural flow.  When I was going through the CC class, my instructor recomended it for women because it is small and compact, and it is fairly light to carry, but it also has the knock down power of his Glock 9mm (not to mention it is also what his wife carries).

Denise - posted on 01/21/2009




Hi there...

I carry a taurus .38 special in titanium. I also have a crimson trace laser grip on it.

I like the balance of the lighweight of the gun and the compact size.

The trigger pull is not very heavy...but it is of course much easier when in the single aciton mode. it is a revolver but with the small size, it doesnt bother me.

I have an inside the pants holster that I use.... clips on exactly like my blackberry except my blackberry can be seen and the other one cannot... the holster is made to carry as such and is nice and soft and I dont even feel it while sitting.

My dh carries also.... He has a Para Ordenance his is semi-auto...but the spring on his slide is soo tight that I cannot properly load the gun... it is horribly frustrating! Which is why I went with the choice I did.

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