Sippy cup? and temperment? help!

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My 15 month old, Rylie still goes to bed with a sippy cup and I really would like to stop this habit but I dont know where to start, she has always gone down with a bottle or sippy cup and now I dont know how to get her to sleep without one. Any advice??

Oh and does anyone else feel like your kid picks on you? Sometimes I think Rylie is meaner to me and more of a hassle for me than for her grand parents or baby sitters at daycare. I mean I know when I was a kid I tried to be better behaved when with other families or people but at her age? And I'm very interactive with her so its not an attention getting strategy or communication problem. She gets mad at me for whatever reason (usually when I tell her no) and she hits me, trys to bite me, scratches me even pinches me sometimes, and as far as I know she doesnt do that with other people. Her daycare said she has tried to bite a couple times but she does it to me several times a day! Is it something I'm doing or what? anybody?


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Although I notice you posted this a month ago... What are you putting in her sippy? My 3yr old is allowed drinks to bed, but all he can have after he brushes his teeth is water. I take water to bed w/me and figure it's no big deal if he does w/him. If you're putting milk in it, then you can dilute the bottle slowly or not give her as much and keep reducing the amount of milk in the cup. If you reduce it she may get upset when she runs out though? I think we just took it away at night time and gave him water, he was upset & fussy for the first few nights and got over it.

As far as kids being nice to daycare, or others... My son was the same way when he'd go to daycare! He was even wise enough to not use curse words there, but had NO problem using them at home! He'll be real good to babysitters and as soon as he sees mom will act up! Or he'll get emotional about getting hurt if mom's there but was totally ok w/it before i walked in??? I think it's just kids...

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