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Boast about your babies!!

Sarah - posted on 01/22/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Everyone!

I'm just wondering where everyone is from and what children you have?

I'm from Farnham in Surrey and have a little boy, Thomas who is 8 weeks old. Personally i think he is the most beautiful little baby i have ever seen in my whole life but i think that is how every mother feels about their own. I also have a stepdaughter who is 12 years old today. She lives with her Mum but absolutely adores her little brother. She is the most beautful girl i have ever seen too. I am an extremely lucky Mummy!! Of course it can be tough with a newborn but i feel great at the moment because Thomas has just started smiling directly at me. I can cope with any sleep deprivation so much easier now he smiles at me lol.

Would love to hear what everyone else's kids are doing and how different milestones make you feel. If seeing him smile for the first time reduced me to tears - what will i be like when he first says "Mummy"? lol xx


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Hayley - posted on 01/22/2009




ive just written in my other post about starting a new conversation and you beat me to it- thankyou!! hopefully now we will start to see our group start to chat and we will find out more about each other and our children. well for anyone who doesnt know yet, i have a 4 month old son called Paul Alfie Ray. i always put his first name and 2 middle names like that because his daddy and grandad are called paul too ~(he is actually "paul thomas the 5th", bit of a grand name for a baby though lol)~ although at the moment i find i call him all sorts of different variations of his name and everyone else calls him baby paul- which im sure he wont appreciate when he is 15!! he is very strong and can almost sit up on his own, and is rolling over by himself. he is a proper little chatterbox and very smily, and he loves to shout at our cats. i cant wait until all the noise he is making makes sense to me as well as him!! i love to hear him chatting away to himself. he is my blond haired, blue eyed ( and Very white) baby at the moment but we think he will take after his daddy ( in my profile picture) and get a bit more colour and maybe dark afro hair when he is a bit older. we will have to wait and see! we all live here in blackwater (near camberley in surrey). up until the end of february i am a "squaddie wife" ( not quite married though- that is another story and hopefully i will be in oct) and then at the end of feb he is out of the army for good, and i couldnt be happier. i appreciate everything the army does and im very proud of him, but now we will be able to start living our lives how WE want to. anyway, enough of that, i think thats enough about me know, hope to hear from some more of you soon!! xx

Sarah - posted on 01/22/2009




Awww bless her, did she enjoy it? How did you feel the first day you took your kids to school? I know Thomas is only 8 weeks old but i'm already dreading handing him over to some teacher and having him talk about her when he comes home lol x

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Hi Sarah...

I'm a single mum of 42yrs and have 3 kids Boy - 20yrs, Girl - 14yrs and another girl - 4yrs ...  and we all live in Egham in Surrey...

My 4yr old has just had her first class assembly and I was so proud of her as she tapped away on her tamboren (??) ... Arh bless her XXX

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