I could have been holding my baby now!

Jennifer - posted on 01/09/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My baby was due, Jan 4th. I was doing great until I was asked when we were going to be trying to have more children by someone who has 2 children and just found out that number 3 is on the way. It has been an emotional week. I was telling God how unfair it was that all these women around me were expecting and that there is no physical evidence to why I am not concieving.
Then I visited an onlder wiser godly woman who reminded me that God knows the reason and she also shared with me the specail women in the Bible who also had some baren problems, and when they cried out to God he came through and their children were mighty men and women of God. Like Sarah and Issac, Hannah and Samule, and many others God blessed them beyond anything they could imagine. This is my time to wait and trust in God.
I also came to relize that I now have an experince in which I can encourage and bless other women who are hurting. It is hurtful to hear that others are expecting when we want to, but we only hear about those joys, rarely is it announced that a couple loss their precious gift. My prayer is for those hurting and grieving for thier loss. It is ok to grieve, but please don't be too consumed in it that you are missing out in blessing others through prayer and encouragement.
It is my goal to trust in God and also to be activly ministering to others as I am waiting for his timing and blessings in this process of life.
Talk about a faith check! I hope this is an encouragement to all, I know I came out of my friends house with a lifted burden, just as Hannah came out of the temple with a joyful hope!
Keep the faith ladies and may God give you all an extra measure of grace and peace during this time. Love you all. Have a blessed day!


Gwendolyn - posted on 01/23/2010




Hey Jennifer...it is tough thinking about what could have been, but we do have to remember that God is faithful. I remember having feelings of disappointment anytime I learned that someone close to me was expecting a child. I had to let go of that disappointment and learn to rejoice with those people. I had to praise God for what He had done in their lives. Although it seems as if 2009 passed by so quickly, in the eyes of a family that was eager to get pregnant the months went by slowly. The 26th of January, a couple of days from now, will be the 1 year anniversary of our loss to ectopic pregnancy. On the 19th of January 2010, we got a positive pregnancy test result. I don't mention this as a way to hurt anyone with my news, but as a testimony that our God is an awesome God. He rules and reigns forever more and He does not lie. I am truly blessed that you were encouraged in the Lord by your friend, the woman of God. Many blessings and lots of prayers.


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