Healing from Cesarean

Two months after the birth of my daughter I have still not been able to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't able to birth her vaginally. While friends and family seem to think a healthy baby should be enough to settle any lingering emotions, I can't express that my love for my daughter is in no way diminshed because I have a side of me that mourns the birth I couldn't give her. I am tired of looking for support online and finding woman sadly resigned to just put aside our hurt feelings cause 'after all we have a beautiful baby', or worse yet, resigned to future cesareans simply because we have previously had one. I hope that by making this community I can begin upon the spiritual journey that I missed during the moment of birth, and that through my own musings other women may be inspired and encouraged. I highly doubt I am alone.


Getting to know eachother

Well I'd like to welcome some of the new members, and invite everyone to open up a little bit and share a bit about yourself. How was the experience of the cesarean for you?...


Good news for the VBAC!

When I initially did a search to try to find a community that informed women about the high percentages of cesareans, often unnecessary, and supported those of us who feel we...


FRANKly my dear (breech presentation)

After a near perfect pregnancy, and contemplated unassisted home water birth, my daughter arrived by emergency cesarean due to a surprise frank breech presentation. I had done...