18 Month Old needs to gain a little weight

Emily - posted on 01/03/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone,
I just got back from my pediaticians, and my daughter has not gained as much weight as he would have hoped. She's a twin, and has always been small (her big brother really is her BIG brother, no such concerns with him!), but has always gained good weight. She's now 18 months, and although it's certainly not a serious issue yet, the doctor wants us to work on it. She has a cow's milk protein intolerance/sensitivity, so she can (and does!) eat regular cheese and yogurt. She is on goat's milk (homo - 3.5%) for her bottles which she handles just fine. She hates most meat (except hot dogs which we try to avoid except on occasion), although will eat meat tortellini, doesn't love veggies, but adores fruit and of course cookies (which we also try to avoid except foroccasional treats). She does eat a lot of cheese, pasta, fruit, some yogurt, cereal/oatmeal, eggs, whole wheat bread, and all kinds of things at daycare. She also doesn't seem to have appetite issues, in fact she sometimes eats more than her brother. Just wondering if there are any suggestions out there? Thanks for your help!


Louise - posted on 01/17/2011




If your daughter is eatting a healthy diet I would not worry to much about this. Kids gain weight at different times and if she is active then she may have a high metabolisum which burns off the food she is eatting. Feed her three meals a day and two snacks and see if this has any impact. make sure she is eatting at least one fromage frais a day and maybe offer her a cheese string as well. Also buy some ground beef in a tin with gravy (watch the salt content in some brands) which you can add to mashed potatoes to bring up her protein and if there is no nut allergies in your family give her peanut butter sandwiches or brazil nuts to munch on to make sure her protein level is high as this will give her more energy to burn without burning that many calories. But if you look at your daughter and think she is fine then carry on like before. If she is happy and healthy, why worry!


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My youngest is smallest to and she is fine. She was below weight, and height for most of her life and only this last year has she really grown in height and some in weight so she is now on the charts. I wouldn't and didn't worry like the doctor did just because I know she is eating healthy and she actually eats as much or more than her older sisters. However she also eats slowest so I end up sitting with her after everyone else is done and gone. I don't mind though. Letting her take her time means she is ultimately going to eat more and I get that wonderful one on one time with her that I don't get with the others everyday.

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