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I'm looking for some creative recipes or ways to incorporate beans into my daughter's diet? At 18 months she's decided she doesn't love meat anymore and I'm in desperate need of some healthy alternative ideas!??


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Kristin - posted on 04/06/2010




Don't forget about lentils. Look into vegetarian/flexitarian cookbooks, excellent source of ideas for ways to use them. Soups, purees, pates, burritos, etc. Just keep offering her what your family eats, she will eat and be just fine.

Tanna - posted on 04/05/2010




Does she like eggs, yogurt, cheese, peanut or almond butter? Those all are great sources of protien. My daughter went through that phase too. Luckily she will eat fish and chicken now. But we used lots of bean recipes too. She loved kideny beans and would eat them plain. So I put them in chili, tacos, mexican casserols, and soup and she could just pick them out. She like the refried beans as well, which are very easy to serve as a side with any meal. Beans are very easy to add in. We made her egg salad sandwhiches, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. We tried to serve yogurts and cheese for snacks (she didn't like milk either), or peanut butter and apples. Hopefully that may give you ideas. While it can be discouraging that she does not eat meat (especially if your family does) their are lots of very healthy veggitarians out there! As a mom we just have to learn how to do it. :) Good luck!

Maggie - posted on 03/30/2010




here is agreat recipe. everyone in the family loves em, especially the 10 month old. I use a mix of olive oil and bacon grease. I promise they will be the best you have ever had!!!

If you are looking for protein, cheese is a great one. they make lots of goats milk cheese. What kid doesnt love a veggie quesadilla!!!

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My baby love black beans and rice. She also likes refried beans. Homemade minestrone soup could maybe work. My kids love soup. I usually put beans and all kinds of healthy other things in that they would not eat alone by themselves such as meat , beans , and veggies. My baby also loves hummus.

[deleted account]

Thanks September! My daughter was born on Sept.11th! Love ur name! Great ideas.....

Roxanne used to love tofu but not so much anymore and we eat some kind of fish at least twice a week! Thanks again!

September - posted on 03/22/2010




Homemade chili, homemade hummus and pita bread, Navy bean soup, split pea soup, bean salad (a mix of several different beans with a bit of olive oil), black eyed peas and veggies (cooked in the crock pot), bean and veggies stew, corn and black bean salad. My sister in law even makes yummy bread that is considered dessert with garbanzo beans, I love it! I hope this gives you some good ideas. Tofu and fish also great sources of proetien. Enjoy :)

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