hard poo to push out!!! how to help

Ashlie D - posted on 07/13/2010 ( 10 moms have responded )




ive stopped breastfeeding and now my babys poo is hard and he finds it hard to push it out, is there anything i can do to help or anything i can give him. as he looks in pain when he push's


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Michelle - posted on 07/21/2010




My daughter had the same problem, unless the poo is round balls they tell you not to worry. I ended up giving my daughter brown sugar about half a teaspoon dissolved in about 60mls of water that helped but i try not to do it too often.

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My daughter does the same thing, maybe switch to a non iron fortified formula for part of the time (I assume he is on formula). I have also been told that sometimes they are just getting used to the action of pooping. As well, I was also told that sometimes they do it once and get attention and dont realize what they are doing that gets the attention from mommy...if you are worried yuo can always take him in, but I am sure if its new now he is off breastmilk then he is probably just adjusting.

Rhiana - posted on 07/17/2010




If its the baby in your profile pic, I would not suggest food or juice, he's far too little!! You can try 1 oz of water every hour until he goes, but don't let it interfere w/ his feeding schedule.
I second the checking his temperature rectally. Make sure that you put some vaseline on it, and a probe cover though! And you do not put it in all the way, just the tip.
But please do NOT give that baby food or juice!

Heather - posted on 07/16/2010




Take his temperature. They told me at the hospital that the rectal thermometer helps their reflexs push poop out.

Mae - posted on 07/15/2010




My daughter has this problem too to the extreme so they had to put her on miralax, but prunes and apricots as does A LITTLE karo syrup added to his formula. If nothing else works you may need to talk to his doctor

Dawn - posted on 07/14/2010




you can also just give your baby water. my daughter had the same problem and we just gave her plain water. we didn't want her expecting sweet juices all the time. it worked great she love/prefers water to anything now.

Ingrid - posted on 07/13/2010




get the gerber prune food, disolve in warm water and give to baby. Used to do it with my premie when he was 4 months (corrective age 1 1/2 months) not more than 1oz. Everything depends of age of baby. Good luck

Emily - posted on 07/13/2010




Call your pediatrician to see what they recommend. My son tends toward constipation and it's pretty common in young ones. We ended up using some OTC (miralax) medicine to get him regular after trying juice. Also our doctor told us to use prune juice since it has the most of whatever it is that helps in it, followed by pear juice, then apple. It will get better = )

Leah - posted on 07/13/2010




Rub your baby's tummy in a clockwork motion. This can stimulate the intestines.

Louise - posted on 07/13/2010




Give him some organic apple juice watered down with cooled boiled water. This works pretty fast so be prepared. Also babies tend to find it easier to poop in a warm bath as it relaxes the muscles.

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