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Lisa - posted on 07/14/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son will be turning 9 months soon and I wanted to give him some finger foods. However, the Gerber Graduate Puffs are so full of not-so-good things. Can anyone suggest healthier alternatives? I do know in feeding soft/ripe fruit and wheat bread, etc. Juat wanted to see if there is anything comparable to the Puffs but in perhaps an organic/ helathier version. Thanks!


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Jillian - posted on 07/24/2009




There are lots of healthy organic snacks for toddlers. I find some at Walmart, but others I have to go to Whole Foods or a health food store to get. There are organic cheese crackers and cheese puffs, fruit bars, and soft granola bars. There is a brand called HappyBaby that makes organic puffs. I have found them in a couple stores and they have lots of flavors like banana, apple, and even greens.

Cathralynn - posted on 07/15/2009




I started with the puffs thinking gerber had to be a good start but I agree with you. I never found an alternative as in easy dissolvable, but if your son is eating well (soft fruits, bread and the like) your prolly able to skip that step. We used whole grain cereals, cherrios and wheat chex etc. But for other ideas: I like freeze dried fruits and veggies. They dissolve on contact unlike dehydrated. I got the idea from the gerber brand, but just buy for real freeze dried stuff sold in the produce section. The brand I notice is called "Just Veggies" or "Just Strawberries" whatever. They have organic too. I also like the whole grain crackers by Kashi called TLC, tasty little crackers. I was looking for more fiber but in a puffed cracker (not like wheat thins) cause my daughter would have an easier time with them. These were the best I found. I also recommend rice cakes. I buy the low salt plain ones and you can break them into whatever size is appropriate. They love the sound! I have never tried them but there are so many types in whole foods stores or that isle in normal grocery stores. Even ones with seeweed and such who knows! Have fun!

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