HELP my six year old has a vendetta against all veggies excetpt sweet potatos and carrots.


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Jana - posted on 11/23/2009




At least s/he likes orange! You may find success with adding dips (peanut butter, ranch, hummus, bean dip, etc)...You may also find success if your child helps pick up, or even helps prepare the meal. Also with my 5-year-old shapes are very important...he likes "trees" (broccoli) and "tires" (black olives) on his pizza. My eight-year-old girl, on the other hand, is very shy about trying new for her I have to go the "hide" it adding purees to cauliflower to mac n' cheese.

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I have a lot of success with my 9, 7 and 4 year old with soup. I can hide a lot of veggies in a soup then whizz it all up so they can't pick out the individual pieces. She obviously likes the orange veggies, so you can start with them, plus onions, celery and capsicum (red pepper) and gradually add more veggies that she doesn't notice (even white cabbage can be successfully blended into an orange veggie soup without anybody noticing). I get the soup tasting really good using some chicken thigh pieces, stock cubes, and I serve it with cream. Add some chickpeas (garbanzo beans) before blending it for added protein.

I'm always amazed, but my kids alway throw themselves on my soups, because if I gave them the individual veggies they'd never eat them.

I also make a "green soup" with all the green veggies I can think of, also made with chicken and served with cream, and this one is also popular.

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Since you're 6yr old is old enough to get disciplined, you might consider that because he/she is wasting food when they don't eat. My daughter used to do that with rice/beans. My husband is hispanic & she doesn't really like the food but she knows that if she doesn't eat the food, she'll get in trouble. Your child will eventually have to learn to eat different things because what happens if they're at someone else's house and they don't wnat to eat the food?! Do you really want to cook one thing for the rest of the family and something different for your child? Unless they are allergic, they need to learn to eat like everybody else.

Zoe - posted on 11/03/2009




try making it more fun for yor child when i was feeding my boys veggies i told them that broccoli were trees and sprouts were green footballs turnip is orange mash and so on it helped loads and now they are 8 and 9 they still eat their veggies with no problem. try making the stuff fun for your child even encourage them to grow a little of their own veggies.

Ashley - posted on 11/03/2009




If she/he likes spaghetti, add some to the sauce. Just cut it small, you could add a lot. Zucchini,etc.

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