Homemade baby food.

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I am thinking of introducing my son to solid foods in the next month and I am interested in making my own baby food. I was wondering if anyone else has been making their own baby food and what they started introducing first?


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Yes, I made all my own food. It dosen't really matter which veggies you start on, but pumpkin (squash) and sweet potato are popular first foods as they are quite sweet so bubs like them. Stewed apple and pear are also good at the beginning. After that I think we moved on to carrots, peas, brocoli, coliflower, banana, avocado etc etc Baby rice cereal is also good to mix into the veggies/fruit.

As the previous poster said, it is good to stick to one food for a few days to be sure there is no allergy, but as soon as you have a few that you know are ok, you can start mixing them and making any combos you like.

You can find some good first food recipes here http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/babyfir... and if you look around the site it has great suggestions for when they move on to a bit more too.


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I used homemade baby food. I just couldn't give the jarred stuff. Have you tasted it, it's so bad. It's so easy to make your own and not as expensive, that is what always confuses me, is why people don't see how much they have to spend on the jarred food. My daughter loved any kind of steamed veg purée, brocoli was a favourite. Once i made sure she did n't have a reaction to anything, i literally blended the meals i was having to give her a good balance. Chicken, fish...

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I started with protein under my pediatrician's advice. I bought organic chicken and beef, ... boiled it and then put it in the blender. I was also giving him tofu. Then I added veggies to his diet.. Started with carrots and sweet potatoes, peas, etc and fruits last.

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Yes i make my son all his meals. I started him on potato then i introduced new flavours such as cabbage, peas, sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower. I use heinz baby stock cubes and add steamed veg then puree to make a soup for him. Good luck hope he likes it.

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Yes! I make all of our son’s meals and have since he started eating solids at 6 months. I started with fresh steamed veggies that I would puree for him (peas were first). It's best to stick to one food for several days to be sure there are no allergies to the food you’re offering. Once we made it through a wide variety of veggies we moved onto fruits and then after a wide variety of fruits we moved on to meats and beans. I would suggest that you talk to your child’s doctor before offering solids as they have recommended guidelines that you can follow, that I found to be very helpful! Enjoy and good for you for making your baby's meals! :)

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