how and when to introduce raw fruits and veggies

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Hi. I have 19 month old who has been given mostly breastmilk, fruits, veggies, grains, and beans his whole life. My family is trying to make a SLOW transition towards vegetarianism. I eat alot of raw carrots, salads, etc. and my son often reaches for a bite. My question is: when can he have raw food? Also, what raw food can I start with- we've only tried bananas, clementines, and avacodo. We've tried raw apple but he gagged. Any suggestions will help. Also, if anyone has any vegan/vegetarian recipe ideas for toddlers I'd love to hear it. Thanks in advance!


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Oh WOW! My daughter is 18 months and pretty much eats everything I eat.......I still steam most of her veggies though! She eats cucumber! All fruits pretty much.....she LOVES avacado and I find creative ways to give her tofu! As a snack I roll cubed tofu in cheerio dust and she LOVES it! Shredded mozzarella or any other white cheese? I don't give my daughter anything with color dyes in it! Yogurt? You might exclude those if you're vegan?? I feel like I'm rambling! LOL!

A great way to get ur son the nutrition he needs is blending up a smoothie......I use yogurt or goat's milk ( my daughter is allergic to the protein in cow's milk ) as the base.....sometimes even just water.....add blueberries ( my parents farm blueberries so I have an endless supply of frozen and fresh in the summer months...mmmm! ), strawberries....banana's and you can usually get away with throwing in one vegetable without them tasting it......I like to use spinach!

Hope this helps?! LOL! I was all over the place.....good luck!


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I recommend steaming or stir-frying veggies. You might have to let them cool down so she doesn't burn her mouth of fingers. My daughter loves veggies, especially broccoli and carrots. She likes veggies more than fruit. Good luck!

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My little man loves avocados. They are soft too, which is good for his little mouth. He's almost 2 now. Most of the harder veggies are cooked at least a bit. He has enjoyed thinly sliced zucchini and cucumbers, but doesn't always want them. Sometimes he'll eat a thinly sliced pepper. Some days he'll like them, some days he won't. That's pretty normal I think, especially with toddlers.

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I feed my baby pretty much all fruits as long as they are cut up small. She likes cucumber sliced thin, avacados, quartered cherry tomatoes, blanched asparagus. My kids love to eat pickled beets from a jar. They are good for them and super easy. I pretty much cook most of the veggies for her as most are too hard for her to chew. I hope that this helps.

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Well they have the toddler fruits and veggies in the stores.. Try him on those and see if they help..He is to young for oranges or anything really acidy right now.. Bananas are good, so are grapes, but cut them up in small bites.. And u can peel and cut up peaches in small bites and also u can try pears but make sure they are ripe. U can give him all kind of things now to eat.. I use to give my son at that age soup with crackers ..

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Oh ya, my daughter also loves tuna or egg salad......I just finely chop celery, green onions and pickles, add it to the tuna or hard boiled eggs and mix with mayo! Surprisingly she doesn't like scrambled eggs! I also make a bean mash and she uses it as a dip for her crackers.......

She also LOVES salmon or any other kind of fish for that matter! I don't know how any of this translate into a vegetarian or vegan diet but good luck!

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