how to increase diet of my 2 year old girl

Priyanka - posted on 11/07/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




my 2 year old daughter is not interested to eat anything. she took little amount of food as compare to other kids of her age. she is very thin. I want to know how to increase her diet?


Priyanka - posted on 11/08/2012




thanks Julie, my daughter is on regular check up. but my issue is she took very little amount of food i.e. 2 times milk and 2 times solid food. I want to know how to increase her food amount?

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According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, toddlers need only about 1,000 calories per day. Or about 40 calories per inch of height each day.

GRAINS: oats, cereal, bread, rice or pasta. three servings of grains each day. One serving counts as an ounce. An ounce serving is equal to a slice of bread or a half-cup of rice or pasta.

FRUIT: one cup a day. A cup of fruit counts as a cup of canned fruit or a piece of fruit.

VEGETABLE: one cup per day. One cup of cooked or raw vegetables

DAIRY: one cup of milk, eight ounces of yogurt, or 1.5 oz. of cheese.

PROTEIN: two servings of protein per day. A serving is one ounce equivalent of meat, egg, legumes, nuts or seeds.

Hope this helps. Take her to the Pediatrician as well for a wellness check up.


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Natalie - posted on 12/14/2012




I think you need to increase the healthy calories on the food she takes. She may not take larger amount of food. My oldest daughter, 9 yr. old still eats very small amounts and she is happy if I don't give her any food at all! She is normal weight and taller than her friends. What I do is that I give her meat, eggs, or yoghurt for her to have the protein she needs, also the rest would be fruit of her choice. Since she eats very little, I don't give her carbs and absolutely no sugar except honey is OK. Don't give her any junk food. You'll see that with age, her appetite will improve.

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