''i what know the suitable diet for one year old child?''


Christine - posted on 11/06/2012




well, kids are so different...so for my own experience...some of mine were happy with organic baby food out of the jars....we did fresh banana every day and then used sweet potatoes and tried a variety of baby food, another kiddo of mine hated baby food out of the jar and did not like homemade either, so he went right to table food cut small and made a huge mess. :)

I do recall that at one, lots of kids are still getting nutrition from breastmilk, so eating solids is more about introducing fruits and veggies little at a time. I know they say stick with one veg. or fruit for 4 days so you can determine if they have an allergy or problem. I am not sure I ever succeeded at that.

After number 3, I was re-educated in the nutrition dept. due to my son's severe food allergies. Since then we have tried new grains that are supposed to be healthier for the body such as quinoa and sprouted bread. Some of my kids are happy to eat fresh spinach leaves at dinner, and others prefer me to put their spinach in smoothies...which I am just happy they are eating spinach, so if it's hidden in a smoothie...fine. :)

With the new and healthier foods, I was forced to try new things as a nursing mom. I discovered that I like avocado and so my 4th kiddo loves avocado since I started giving it to him fresh when he was 1 or so.

So I am not sure if this helps. I am not sure if there's a "suitable diet" for a one year old. I know that almost all of my kids loved to start their morning off with a fresh banana....and it was surprising to me that they would eat a whole banana (mashed of course or closer to 2 they could do slices).

I just had my last baby, #5 is 5 weeks old, and my fourth is 2 years old.....we have really been enjoying smoothies in the morning....and with those you can load them with avocado, spinach, frozen fruit, etc.....and I use Juice Plus Complete (a powder mix that has a quinoa grain blend, fruit and veg. in it, and is gluten free and made from non-GMOs.....and it is not a protein shake. It's a completely balanced meal, but I like to add spinach for my kids and they can't tell. :)

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