Kinds of Baby Food - What's the healthiest?

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My son is almost 6 months and its nearing the time that I'll be introducing baby food. He's already started on cereal. I've heard that vegetables are the best to start with but I'm wondering what Brand to go with? Do I look for organic? Do I just go with the Gerber standard? I want to give my baby the healthiest kind. What would that be?

A friend of mine said she wouldn't give her baby anything she wouldn't eat herself, and if it smelled nasty, she wouldn't give it to her baby. (I'm afraid that's pretty much all baby food, isn't it?)

Any advice?



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September - posted on 06/03/2010




Homemade is always best! We started with fresh steamed veggies when our son turned 6 months old. I would just steam them and then puree them. The puree only lasted about a month before he was ready for the chunkier stuff which I would then just mash with a fork. I use organic when I can but not always however I do tend to buy local and fresh veggies and fruits from farmers markets. In my opinion jarred baby food is just sick! Make your own it's what's best in my opinion :) Good luck!

Bethanie - posted on 06/02/2010




If you want to give your child the very BEST first foods, make them yourself! They'll be the most nutritous and fresh. It's really easy and you can make them so tasty that even you may eat them! I don't understand why any child would like that disgustingness from a jar. I fed my son for a short time on the beech nut brand and some organics. They have a lot of Organic brands now that they didn't have when my son was on them. Earth's Best is another, but they lack variety. Also, I used to spice my sons foods all the time. No reason to give it to them bland! Here is a great site to use as a guide to when to introduce certain foods and when not and even some baby friendly meals that you can puree up into food for them:

Christina - posted on 06/02/2010




Yes, a lot of baby food does smell. Veggies are the best thing to start with because if you start him on fruit, he'll be less likely to like veggies. At least that's what my daughters pediatrician told us. If you're unsure about what to get, read the label. I went with the Gerber standard with my daughter. We did start her with fruit but we mixed it with plain cereal so she would associate them together. She still does, too. It takes a lot for her to eat fruit on its own, and she loves veggies. Her faves are broccoli and carrots, but she'll try almost anything is it's steamed. When getting veggies, get the fall-season ones. Butternut squash, anything with carrots, basically the yellows, and we introduced the greens last. They're the ones that smell.....I guess you can say 'bad', while the other colors of veggies actually smell pretty good. I do suggest, however, that while introducing new foods you eat a bit, with your sons spoon, and let him see you enjoy it. That way he will be more inclined to try it. Also, remember that it can take several introductions before he will take to liking it.

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