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looking for good filling snack foods!

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I am a mom of 3 boys who are constantly eating (it seems like 24 hours a day). I am not a fan of cooking so I am looking for easy, quick pretty much simple recipes for me to use. Anyone have any suggestions??


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Renee - posted on 08/04/2009




My son likes pretzel rods dipped in sunflower seed butter (no PB yet, but that would work if your kids eat it). And I second all of the previous mentions, especially the fruits (ooh, apples with PB are one of my faves), and yogurt. Makes me want to go get a snack right now! :-)

Andrea - posted on 07/26/2009




My girls eat hot cereal, (fast easy), toast with different toppings (you can even use cookie cutters to make them fun), cold cereal, perogies (fast, filling), made from scratch mac and cheese (less chemicals etc), lots of cottage cheese and apple sauce, lots of bananas, cut apples, grapes, baby carrots, yogurt...

our house is like yours, but more estrogen. 3 girls. we don't really have 'meals', just a lot of snacking...some 'snacks' are bigger than others.

just remember to keep the sugar low - if your kids don't know what a toast struedel is - horray for you!! ;)

Molly - posted on 07/25/2009




My son and I eat rice cakes with peanut butter and different toppings, like cinnamon, raisins, or honey. It's very filling!

Erica - posted on 07/23/2009




Hi there.. so this does involve some cooking but I make up a huge batch of whole wheat pancakes, add an extra egg for protein, throw them in some ziplocks and the freezer, then they're ready for the toaster + a little peanut butter or jam and its a great snack/meal. Just an idea...

Wendy - posted on 07/22/2009




I haven't tried this yet but it caught my eye b/c it sounded quick and easy!


1 large or medium apple - cored but not peeled

Stuff apple with peanut butter, raisins, wheat germ and drizzle with honey, top with coconut or crushed granola

Dig in with a spoon or have fun trying to eat with your hands!

You may wish to microwave the empty cored apple for a few seconds to allow it to soften a bit.

This snack will travel well in a lunchbox or to a play date – the "stuffing" will help retard browning of the apple.



Graham Crackers

Natural Applesauce



Wheat Germ

Mix cinnamon, wheat germ and raisins into the applesauce. Spread over the graham crackers. Use any type of fruit purée you wish!

Using low salt saltines, low-salt Ritz, pita bread slices, or plain rice cakes as your cracker base is just as good!!

Good Luck!


Cathralynn - posted on 06/19/2009




I clued in on the word snack so this may not be what your interested in. My daughter is one and I want easy snacks to keep in the diaper bag that don't go bad. I looooove freeze dried fruits. She pops em like candy (well she's never had candy but you get the point). Freeze dried peas are the only veggie she'll eat period but I can't find too many other freeze dried veggies. I also love these things call snap crisps. Their made for topping salads and are made of snappeas but are really like little green cracker sticks. She loves those too. Both are found in the produce section of grocery stores. Good luck!

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